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Pleasant laughter was heard throughout the landscape. The day was bright, sunny, and warm. Not typical for a March day; but, in this case- the warmth of a rare 'Indian Summer' seemed to dance around two figures sitting on a blanket; their forms warming each other, as well as the sun sparkling down upon them.

The pink-haired one laughed, "You seem so sure, missy," she teased, grinning with a look of playfulness in her deep, silver eyes.

The magenta-haired one returned it, "Cause I am sure," she spoke, leaning down, and whisking her partner from where she lay; bringing her close, and switching positions- laying the other woman on top of her, "I know how to catch 'em," she smirked.

"I guess so," the pink-haired woman laughed, twirling some of her partner's hair through her fingers with a sigh.

"Sweetie?" the garnet-eyed female questioned, curiously noting the look in her lover's eyes.

"Hmm? Oh, nothing," the other answered, "Just thinking about how lucky I am, that's all."

"I don't know about lucky, Chris," the first woman spoke, gazing up at the white clouds that were making their way past the snuggling couple.

"Stop that. I am lucky. The luckiest girl in the world," the second replied, taking a moment to plant a light kiss upon her cheek, "And don't you forget it."

"Never," the first smiled.

The pink-haired one sighed, "How did you get so sweet?"

"Well, there are many reasons why. But, mostly? Because I caught myself a precious, sweet darling that saved my life," the other said, running a purple-nailed hand across her cheek.

The second cooed, "I do love you, Rachel. Please don't ever forget that."

"And I love you, Christina. I could never," the woman, now called 'Rachel' replied.

Christina giggled softly, leaning into the arms of her magenta-haired girlfriend, eyes closing softly.

Rachel pulled her closer; holding onto her like a lifeline, as she took in the beauty, and joy of this day; not knowing the darkness that would soon linger before their eyes; threatening the love that the two women shared.

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