One day, Chicken the turkey was out spreading the love. AND THEN THE CANDY HEARTS ATTACKED!!! They took Chicken's heart out and stomped on it. Like a mushroom.

And then they broke it. Chicken said it hurt a lot. And then he got his heart back. All broken. He cried.

Well, at this moment, Fillimina the turkey was walking down the street. No--she was turkey trotting down the street. How awesome is THAT?

Anyways, Fillimina is, like, turkey hot stuff. To guy turkeys. And she hates bad guys. And candy hearts.

So, of course, she saw the candy hearts attacking Chicken. She couldn't stand it. Fillimina swallowed her pride and ate the candy hearts. They tasted like gopher food. So they weren't too bad. (Fillimina liked gopher food a lot. Remember that, guy turkeys!)

And then she rushed over to see if Chicken was okay, and he was crying. Then he looked up and saw the most beautiful turkey EVER. It was Fillimina, of course. So all of a sudden, his heart had a seizure, and it was fixed. All because of Fillimina.

He was happy. He gave Fillimina a big ole kiss and yeah.


P.S. That was on Valentine's Day. Whoopdeedoo. What'd'ya know?