Dark Death

Darkness is sweeping over me,
Death is taunting me,
Inviting me into her dark lair,
I am lost,
I can't find my way out,
The maze of hallways won't let me through to find the light,
The one that has carried me through life,
Not the one I followed to get here.

Death has captured me,
Kidnapped me,
Torn me from my world,
I don't know why she's taken me here;
Winds are clashing against my back,
Sand is jumping down my throat,
Ready for me to try to fight back,
But I'm paralyzed,
Unable to move,
Not able to fight.

I can't think,
My brain cannot think,
I'm blanking out,
My memory is gone.
My thoughts have been jumbled up;
What's my name again?
Who am I?
Who are you?
You're darting in and out;
Where are you going?

My conciousness is failing me,
I can't hear myself think.
My eyes peek open
Am I okay?
I feel like I'm flying
Higher than the sky,
Hey, where are you going?
Well, goodbye, then,
In case we don't meet again…

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