Okay… I would have handwritten this, but it'd take too much time and I might have screwed it up, so here's this. It's not much, but I think it's enough.

One Dance

I can't quite remember

The first time I saw you,

But I know I didn't think anything


But now…

Now I see you,

And I smile,

Seeing yours lighting up your face.

I realize now

That all I really want

Is one dance with you.

That's all.

Just one dance

Will make me happy

For a while.

If you know who I am

But don't feel the same way,

Then don't mention it.

I don't want everything

To fall apart

Like it did

With 'the needle'.

I'm sorry I made things awkward,

I truly am.

But all I want right now

Is a dance.

A simple dance

On Valentine's Day.