I'm sorry.

Sorry that you make me cry,

Sorry that you make me try

To be something I'm not, you see;

I don't know what you want me to be.

Sorry that I can't forget,

Sorry for things that haven't happened yet,

But things undoubtedly I'll do

That probably will embarrass you.

Sorry it had to be me;

Sorry on LJ I did decree

That you're the one I love, although

You don't even like me, I know.

Sorry for the presents, gifts;

Sorry for that day you gave a lift

And went to the school board with me;

And spoke of things they didn't see.

Sorry for the haters, and

Sorry for those who don't understand

That even gays are people, too;

Some people just don't have a clue.

Sorry, now, I've gotten off

My topic; surely now you'll scoff

At my pathetic bit of poetry;

Yours is much better, obviously.

Sorry for the sketches that I've done,

Sorry I had to be the one

To be your 'stalker,' as I have been called;

I'm sure by now, you're quite appalled…

Sorry for being who I am,

Sorry things couldn't go quite as I planned.

I call you "Angel", did you know?

For your smile, your spirit, the way you glow.

Sorry; now I've made you hate me more;

Sorry I didn't think to think before

That you might so scorn all my affections;

Though, true, I had fears of such rejection.

I'm sorry for everything I have done;

So now, I wish you, dear, have fun.

For 'tis the day of love today!

Mostly, I wrote this now to say

That though I've gotten us into this mess,

I wish for you to find great happiness,

Even if it's not with me,

(I want the best for you, you see.)

So as ridiculous as this might sound,

Even if it means I'll be left on the ground,

Angel, take your wings and fly

With your love in your arms, to your dreams in the sky.

Happy Valentine's Day, Lindsay.

LNC, A.K.A "Scary Stalker Girl."