by: trista groulx

How do you hold yourself up,
when your world crumbling?
When you see the certainties fade,
into the dimmest light?
when you see the one constant disappearing,
faster then you can run after it?
You can put on a brave face,
and even have so much fun,
and for a split second,
or a few hours you can almost, forget
But the world must return,
and the one thing looming,
is still just as close
The temporary escapes
are beginning to become harder to find
Soon you are going to be engulfed.
into something so dark,
it will take years to get out of it
On top of this constantly looming darkness,
change is knocking at the door,
and no one knows if the darkness.
or the change will come first
So you have changed,
and become withdrawn, and irritable
How do you trudge on through the thick fog,
without getting lost along the way?
I'm lost in the fog,
blinded by the rain,
and I cannot see an end
How do you help the people.
who don't want to be helped?
How do you continue on,
knowing all these secrets?