The photos floated through the air, desperately fighting against all the laws of physics. Rain drops were aiding the world's battle with each glossy surface of the photographs. Below the world spun by, almost careless of the feeble impact the first picture made. Each spread its fictional wings in a last prayer to escape their uncontrollable collision with the hard white pavement. The clouds whispered to the remaining leaves that selfishly scampered over the photos, hiding them from the world's view, begging the brown, yellow, and orange shades to let the hues of gray show to the sky.

"I don't understand. His life was perfect." Jamie managed painfully, tears running down her face the comfort of Rob's warm leather jacket no longer stopping her shivering and shaking. People rushed by, no longer concerned with the steadily increasing rain fall. Beads of water tapped lightly on the brim of the officer's hat, attempting to shield his view from stray water; though as he looked out at Jamie's wet face the rain turned the world gray. Behind her small delicate frame stood an artists work, a vision created by a genius. A vision, thought the officer as his eyes scanned scene that had been created. Every detail was built to define beauty, every inch was precious to the next. It started at the ground and crept up. The windows were created as if to appear like a church, lining the double glass doors and snaked up along the stone and wood. Shadows were engulfed and contorted into waves that escaped on the bodies of those in its reach. The officer took in every tantalizing detail, as his eyes climbed their way up to the name of the school. Each letter was engraved in stone, sand colored and broke the smooth line of window paneling. The pools flooded his eyes as he witnessed the smallest stream sneak its way down the window. Silently he admired each beam, each carefully sanded board darkened by the rain. People rushed in and out of the tinted doors, which matched the tone of the windows.

"We were best friends..." Jamie said softly, following the officer's gaze, staring at the rope nailed at the cross section of the two main support beam. As her eyes welled with tears people rushed by her, their presence nearly invisible to her. The sirens blared as the fire truck pulled to a stop by the road and men yelled faintly as her eyes followed every drop of warm blood up the side of the beautifully built high school. Where the support beams of the entrance came to a peak and the rope was nailed firmly to the boards, so when its limit was reached every fiber would vibrate in an effort of hold together after becoming vividly taught and rigid. Jamie sucked in a deep shaky breath as the officer touched her shoulder and returned back to his car.

Jamie's eyes sunk to the ground to shield them from the chilling wind. Below her shoe she noticed something, a single picture. Laying under the wet leaves it beckoned to her, whispered along with the wind to her. Leaning down out of Rob's tight grasp Jamie pushed back the heavy leaves and pealed the picture off from the concrete. The water was quickly distorting the ink as she attempted to dry it off to gather a better take as too what it was of. Above her, the wind gently rocked the man, the soles of his shoes clanging together in limp thuds.