Chapter V
If I knew it would be the last time, that I'd see you fall asleep, I would tuck you in more tightly, and pray the Lord your soul to keep. Brad sat in his bed, his arms twitching painfully as he focus on the paper. His breathing wavered as he wrote slowly, the pen pressed tightly in his fingers. The bed next to his was covered in his paper, and photographs that he had asked his mother to bring in. His fingers traced the soft face of Jamie, her smile so innocent, so pure, so beautiful.

Brad hurry up! We're going to be late! Jamie's voice echoed as she pulled Brad up off the ground and started running towards the road. Her footsteps were graceful as they hit the ground silently, the grass giving way to her feet then springing back up in joy. Brad's feet followed closely, his body following without effort, with out knowledge of anything else. In the trails they left open the notebook, the cover blacked out with permanent marker.

C'mon it won't hurt, I promise. Grant's eyes glistened in the dimly lit garage, smoke filled the room as Brad watched Jamie's fingers wrap around the cigarette. He felt her heart beat race as the smoke filled her lungs, then escaped taking with it her common sense, her innocence. Brad's body lunged out of his skin, he cried out only to swallow it before it escaped his mouth. Jamie's body engulfed the smoke, as Grant got closer, breathing the intoxicated air on her soft and pure skin.

Grant, stop this. Brad whispered as Grant forced himself onto Jamie, her giggles flew freely with the smoke that clouded Brad's senses. Backing up Brad pressed his back against the garage wall as Jamie screamed. Closing his eyes he listened to Grant rip Jamie's shirt in half as he ball-gagged her. He felt her tears stream down her face as her body was stripped of clothing. Laughter echoed in his head as he slid down the wall, Jamie's screams muffled by the ball. Brad felt the warm blood run down Jamie's legs as Grant forced himself into her. Her cries for help unheard by the outside world, Brad huddled up as he heard Grant's heavy panting hitting Jamie's terrified face in waves of smoke-filled poison. Stop, please stop... oh God please stop. Brad said softly, watching Grant's body move in sharp jolts over Jamie's twelve year old body.

Sitting up, the room spun then settled, Brad's arms ached from the sudden movement. The room was the same as it had been, white, dreary, and empty. Looking at his surroundings Brad realized he was once again alone. Letting out a hopeless sigh he lay back in the bed, the pillow sinking to his form. Blinking he picked up the battered notebook and opened it to a new page. How can you get away from pain when pain is all that comes? The scratching of the pen against paper calmed Brad's body, though his mind continued racing. Will I ever find my salvation? Closing the book he looked at the ceiling, the world spinning around him, not caring, unknowing.

Jamie, are you okay? Brad cried as he fell to his knees, lifting her head slowly. Tears splash onto her once innocent face. Her body wept along with Brad, the puddles of blood stained his jeans and the room grew dark as he held her head steady. Grant sat in a corner panting and grinning as Brad shook Jamie's body gently. Jamie, oh God please wake up... Brad's voice shook as Grant's body loomed over them.

Brad blinked, staring into Grant's face, his body heaving and his breathing heavy. Brad's head throbbed as he swallowed, looking around for Jamie, blood dripping down his chin. Grant's hand rose into the air and came down in one single motion, knocking the side of his face into the pavement of the garage.

I don't want to ever wake up.Brad, you have to, you'll be leaving so many people.They never wanted me there, never, Brad's voice filled with anger at the site of his father, picking up the miniature, innocent Brad, the Brad who laughed and smiled. Throwing a fist through the image Brad walked around in the blank room. The figure stood in the center watching him pace. Why don't they care? Why do they hate me?They don't hate you, Brad.The Hell they don't! How would you know? You don't see what they do!But, Brad, I do know... Trust me, I know