by: trista groulx

We can be who we want to be
But when you are, you are persecuted
Each difference is someone's pet peeve
On top of which we have society's stereotypes
I'm not deathly thin
I'm not a living porcelain doll
I will not break if you play
I know not wear make up
I am just me
You are just you
But were are not just the same
We judge the differences
You get the guys
I befriend them
You show your body
I like to cover mine
You cheer for the boy bands
I cheer for the bad boys
But you do not accept me
I'm not sure I accept you
I am different
I am bad
But get to know me
My feelings,
My dreams,
My thoughts,
My beliefs
We are not so different, you and I

a/n: this was probably written for my little sis, but can relate to any female realtionship really