Hues of magenta fill the sky

gently mixing in with the canary yellow and lavender

These brilliant colors are cast on the turquoise waters

adding to their enchantment

Majestic ships stand await

planning to set sail

Yet one stands out amongst the rest

a grand majesty about to embark on a journey

Time rapidly fades

the luminous ball of fire slowly disappears

Ripples form in the deep blue sea

the boat begins to move from its stillness

It is a mystery in itself

a mighty vessel bearing precious cargo

Night stealthily approaches

tiny specks of light pierce the sky

All is still for a moment

a flash of serenity spent aboard a marvel

It is but a moment,

a moment which rapidly fades

Ripples form, waves rise

a tumultuous sea roars

The iron treasure is mercilessly thrown about

enveloped by murky waters

A ghostly hand extends itself

ruthlessly grasping passengers throats

It is the hand of death

the beginning of the end

"As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death..."

I close my eyes and fear no evil

A blinding light, a beacon of hope,

penetrating through the dark abyss

Eyes open,

all are bewitched

It is a lighthouse

land is near

A battled storm

a reached destination