The Three Amigos:

There once was a girl, a tiny little girl

Who had a best friend whose hair would twirl.

They stayed together, were the best of friends,

Until one day the world was seen through a different lens.

The tiny little girl wrote some nasty things

About her best friend, wrote a note to the King of Kings

Saying how the girl whose hair twirled was a witch with a B

From Hell, "Why did God put her on the earth? To torture me?"

The girl whose hair twirled found out one nerve-wrecking day.

The tiny little girl said she was just venting, what a cliché.

Then there once was a tall warrior boy with deep eyes

Who couldn't believe the best friends' friendship dies.

He tried to persuade the two to forgive and forget

The girl whose hair twirled tried; the tiny one would not let

The anger go; she bottled it up inside.

The warrior would try again, try to settle the tide.

He refused to speak to the girls until they were friends again

The tiny one wasn't moved, the other cried her heart out, thought she lost another friend.

The girl with the hair didn't go to school the next day.

She became so upset she got sick and would lay,

Cursing her ex friend for making her lose another.

She went to council from her Mother.

The warrior realized this wouldn't work as well,

So he spoke to the girls; only time would tell.

The girl with the spinning hair tried once more

To make up and say sorry; the tiny one bitter and sore.

Now it was a fall dance,

A time of heartbreak and romance.

Both friend went to see mutual friends

To have fun and not tie up loose ends.

But the warrior with the deep eyes had another plan.

He pushed them together; not knowing this was quick sand.

He asked then to look each other in the eyes and make peace.

The twirled hair girl looked up; the other looked away and would cease

To listen as the warrior begged for her to look,

Look her ex friend in the eye and start a new book

Of friendship, not hate and have the common decency to address

The presence of her. The tiny girl told him, "I really don't think its your business."

The other girl would have to agree

But she was thankful he cared enough of she.

The tiny girl stormed away that cool night.

The warrior turned to the other, "Are you alright?"

The girl tried to nod, but it came out as a no.

Her eyes looked like they were caught in headlights, a doe.

He wrapped her up in his arms and said it was ok.

Unaware that his other friends were sending mean looks her way.

For you see she wasn't popular; he always had been.

The popular girls tapped their feet as if his action was a sin.

The girl with the twirling hair smiled and liked.

She said she was fine, though deep inside a piece of her died.

She had to accept the three amigos were not more.

Amy, Aaron, and Lana would walk to different doors.

The tiny girl, Lana, would find a new story.

The twirly haired girl, Amy, became a star and found glory.

Aaron, the warrior, became victorious in war,

But each will never forget the pain they must endure.

Endure the pain of friendship forgotten

All because one tiny girl went rotten.