Erin rushed back to her son's classroom and found him outside talking to friends.

"Matthew you forgot your lunch." And gives it to him

Matthew blushed "mum" and took it begrudgingly

Erin notices his uniform and bends down tuck him in. "Young man I send you to school tidy and look at you."

"Mum will you just go" he whines

"What no kiss." Erin gets to her feet feeling rejected by her 8 year old son.

"I hope you thanked your mother for bringing your lunch Matthew.' Came a voice behind Erin

"Umm yeh thanks mum……bye" and rushes into his classroom

Erin turns around surprised it wasn't Matthews's usual teacher. Erin eyed the woman over. The woman extended her hand

"I'm Tracey Sanders, Matthew's substitute teacher."

Erin nods and shakes the firm grip "I'm Erin Granger."

"Don't worry all the boys get embarrassed when their mum's pay an unexpected visit."

Erin sighed "Yeh I suppose…..I didn't want him to go hungry"

Tracey nodded and smiled

Erin estimated Tracy to be around 25 years of age, short brown hair, smartly dressed and confident.

"Well I better get the class started" said Tracey still lingering in front of Erin "I hope to see you around Mrs Granger"

"Call me Erin….I've got canteen duties today, I'm canteen mum." Dribbled Erin and blushed

Tracey laughed "Well ok canteen mum see you later then."

Erin shook her head at her own babbling. She also felt a little taken by Matthew's charismatic teacher.

Lunch was almost over and Erin was tidying up. She noticed Tracey had come in and spoke to the manager.

"Erin could you remake Ms Sanders sandwich and this time put in what she asked for.

"Ohh ok…I'm sorry I'll make you a fresh one." And quickly went to work. She could feel Tracey's eyes on her

"It's no big deal."

Erin nodded and looked but blushing instantly when realizing how close Tracey was standing. In haste she reached across for a knife and accidentally knocking Tracey's cup onto the floor smashing it. Tracey jumps back from the spill

"Ahh shit" curses Erin

"ERIN please this is a school with young ears, mind your language" growled the manager

"Oh sorry." And blushed again.

Tracey bent down and picked up the pieces

"I'm really sorry I've never done this before." Erin stutters

"Relax it's only a mug, can I get my sandwich now I have to get back to class."

"Oh yes sure." And wraps it up for her.

Tracey smiles her gaze not breaking in a hurry

"Don't you have to get back to class Ms Sanders." Said the canteen manager

Tracey snaps out of her trance like state "what…..ah yes." And leaves

Erin finally breathes

Erin finished up at 2.45pm and waited outside her son's classroom. The bell rang and students started to pour out all except hers. Erin knocked and Tracey looked up. Erin noticed her son still sitting at his desk writing.

"Oh Mrs Granger I'm afraid your son has been a little disruptive this afternoon so he has half an hour detention." Spoke Tracey in her teacher's tone

"Really" sighed Erin and narrowed her eyes at Matthew. He quickly went back to his books "Ok I'll wait in the car."

Tracey got from her seat "Would you like to get a coffee from the staff room."

Erin nodded keenly

Tracey made their coffees and sat down next to Erin.

"So you enjoy teaching" blurted out Erin

"It's ok….it pays the bills."

There was an uncomfortable silence and Tracey noticed Erin seemed a little distracted

"Are you ok Erin….am I making you feel uncomfortable."

Erin laughed nervously "It feels like I'm in detention."

Tracey laughs "Well I guess you are."

Erin looked at Tracey not knowing what to say next when Tracey brazenly leant in and stole a kiss. Erin startled jumped back further along the lounge chair

"Hey" she called out

Tracey immediately embarrassed apologized "I'm sorry….I thought…..I'm really sorry I got the signals all wrong." She blurted

"Umm it's ok….." said Erin

"No I've offended you…..I'm really sorry." Tracey flustered tries to get to her feet but Erin grabs her hand and pulled her back down and surprisingly continued the kiss with Tracey. Tracey's hands held Erin's face as their kiss deepens. Erin's head was spinning from the emotional overload and broke for air. She went to say something but the sensation of Tracey lips nibbling on her neck line prevented any words from coming out. Tracey gently pushes Erin down.

"What if someone comes in?" asked Erin her heart racing from Tracy's touch

"I'm the only one left in the building." Tracey hovered above Erin's lips ready to capture them again

"Matthew" exclaimed Erin

"Another 15 minutes." Erin finally relaxed and Tracey kissed her again, her hand finding its way under Erin's top grabbing her breast

Erin body was enjoying Tracey's attention and lets out a little pant as Tracey touched her intimately. Erin had never been touched in this way by a woman before and although she knew it was wrong didn't protest. Erin's body was beginning to buck under the stimulation of Tracey's stroking.

Tracey let her tongue explore Erin's mouth as her finger pushes in deep getting an immediately reaction

"Oh god" groaned Erin loudly, her body shaking uncontrollably as her orgasm explodes

Tracey collapses slightly on top of Erin, herself panting from the effort. She then sits up and looks at her watch

"shit we need to get back, Matthew's detention was over 5 minutes ago."

Erin jumps up and tidies herself "Am I ok" she asked Tracey

Tracey smiled "You look stunning Erin."

Tracey walked off and Erin followed thinking it was a strange comment considering she was just in an old shirt and shorts nothing stunning at all. Tracey stopped just outside the classroom and took a deep breath, then walks in

"Ok Master Granger I hope I don't have to keep you back again, and keep your poor mother waiting." Winking at Erin

Erin instantly blushed "Umm yeh come on Matthew you can explain this to your father when he gets home."

Tracey eyes lowered at Erin's comment

Erin gets to her car and looks back at the school "Matthew wait in the car…I won't be long."

"Ok" and he gets out his game-boy for amusement

Erin's heart was beating fast as if it was going to explode from her chest, she couldn't believe she was doing this. She walks casually into Tracey's classroom. Tracey looked up in surprise and sprang to her feet "Is everything alright Erin." She asked nervously and walked around to the front of the desk

"Well…." She shook her head

Tracey looked at her in concern not sure of her thoughts. Erin then took a breath and confidently strode up to Tracey

"Yess…we didn't get to finish" and stole a kiss. Tracey put her arm around Erin's waist to steady herself. Erin leaned in harder pushing Tracey against the desk, her lips devouring Tracey's. Tracey was feeling herself lose control as Erin imitated Tracey's actions from before and let her hand wander under Tracey's shirt massaging her small breast.

Tracey broke the kiss for some air and a groan as her nipple was pinched gently.

Erin never in her wildest dreams thought she would be playing with another woman breast like she was doing let alone having sex with one, but she wanted to and right now.

"Erin we should stop." Tracey said urgently but Erin ignored her pleas, her hand already unbuttoning Tracey's pants and started to work inside. Tracey half propped herself against the desk and groaned as Erin's hand disappeared into Tracey's wet folds. Erin now let her tongue play in Tracey's mouth while working her up. Tracey broke the kiss again as she was feeling light headed from the lack of oxygen and her orgasm that was being ripped from her.

"Ohhh god Erin" she called out as she releases.

Erin felt the younger woman shuddered and took that as an end to it all and eases out.

It was Tracey's turn to blush "I wasn't expecting that."

Erin grinned "No…but I must say Ms Sanders I do like your methods of detention." Then promptly left

Next afternoon Erin waited eagerly by her car, continually looking at her watch. She never ever cheated on her husband and in her eyes being with a woman was really cheating trying to convince herself The bell rang and she went inside to collect her son. She asked him to wait in the car then walked in the classroom and was met with disappointment

"Hello Mrs Granger."

"Oh hi Mr Todd, I was looking for Trac….I mean Ms Sanders."

"Actually she is no longer required now that I am back from leave."

"Oh….um thanks" and left quickly. She got to her car and could hardly breath. She felt like an idiot