David grabbed their gear and headed to their departure gate with excited son in tow. Erin picked up a few magazines and books for the long trip. She walked off her head already in one when she collide with someone.

"Oh excuse me." Her eyes widened

"Tracey what are you doing here." Trying not to panic

"I had to see you one last time."

It had been over 2 months since their confrontation and Erin noticed Tracey looked tired and had lost weight. "Tracey please don't"

Tracey smiled "Erin I told you I would never do anything to hurt you."

Then a squeal came from behind Erin

"Hi Ms Sanders." Came Matthews high pitch voice

Erin froze and Tracey bent down to Matthews's height "Hello Matthew going on a little trip."

"Yeh we are moving to Canada, it's cold and they have lots of bears."

"Well you have been reading up that's good." Tracey stood to see David next to Erin

Erin still frozen to the spot

Tracey extended her hand "Hi I'm Tracey, I was your son's teacher earlier this year."

"Oh hi…..so you here to see someone off as well." He asked casually

"Yeh I have someone special leaving today." She smiles at Erin

Erin finally relaxed "Um David can you take Matthew to the toilet, don't want him to go as soon as we get aboard."

"ahh good point. Nice to meet you Tracey." David grabs Matthews's hand

"Bye Ms Sanders"

"thank you." Spoke Erin

"You have a good life Erin." Tracey spoke softly

Erin held out her arms and Tracey moved in.

"Erin I didn't mean what I said to you know…." Whispered Tracey

Erin kisses Tracey on the cheek "I know….I'm just sorry I can't give you what you wanted, but I don't regret what we had."

6 months later

Erin had been on the phone to her sister for half an hour discussing when they were coming over to visit her and discussed briefly the pregnancy.

"I can't believe you don't want to know the sex." Said Erin's sister

"I don't care Donna, he or she is healthy and that is all that matters to David and I."

"How is Matthew coping with it."

"He's still excited, especially that he is going to be big brother but is unsure if he wants to share his toys." Laughs Erin "Look I have to go, give my love to mum and dad and I look forward to seeing you all at Christmas."

"Oh hey wait I almost forgot to give you some gossip."

"Yeh what."

"Do you remember that substitute teacher at Matthew's old school, what's her name."

Erin caught her breath momentarily

"Jeez Lana, no Nancy."

"Tracey" replied Erin

"Yes yes Tracey so tragic."

"what….." came Erin's shakey voice

"Apparently she committed suicide few months ago."

Erin was starting to feel sick "Oh Christ.."

"Yeh she left no note….just." but Donna was cut off

"How do you know this……are you sure."

"Yes I caught up with one of your friends, apparently she knew this woman's partner. She found her hanging in their back shed."

Erin put a hand over her mouth to smother her cry

"Erin you ok….you met her didn't you. Hey did you know she was a lesbian." The phone disconnected

Erin tried to get up but her legs buckled and she doubled over and screamed

David wiped Erin's forehead and the midwife spoke

"Ok Erin doing well, but we need one more big push honey."

Erin groaned "I can't."

"C'mon sweetheart it's nearly over, just one more." Coaxed David

She pushed with what strength she had left only to hear the sound of their baby screaming. She relaxed back leaning into David.

He kissed her forehead "You've done it Erin, you are amazing."

The midwife showed David then wrapped up the newborn

David carried the their new gift "Erin we have a daughter."

Erin cries as David hands her over. "Jeez of all the names we decided on I can't remember one." Said David

"Tracey…." Spoke up Erin

David looked at her then to his daughter and smiled "Welcome Tracey Granger"

Erin kissed her newborn's daughter forehead and quietly wept.

The end