"I Drive A Lexus To The Nexus"


There is sunshine upon my shoulders,

And the breeze outside is colder,

Than I anticipated when I awoke this delicate morning.

And there are people outside walking,

With their pets beside them barking,

And the talking continues well into the night.

And somewhere there are brothers,

Arguing with sisters and their mothers,

Over which is to wear the orange or yellow or black.

And there are bigger problems even,

Out in this world of little reason,

That we choose to ignore until they demand that they come back.

And when we understand what point we reach,

There will be a time when I'm out of place to teach,

You how to handle your heart and the hearts of all your crushes.

And there will also be a time to be quiet,

When the masses demand that my writing fall silent,

And they yell loudly of how they don't need these evengelical crutches.

This will be the time I decide to shut my mouth,

From spreading this unique wisdom from the north to the south,

And I decide it is time to pack my bags and call my friends.

But until that time you will find more of me,

All over the classrooms, chalkboards, playgrounds and cities,

Shouting of what I love the most and the most would be,

An end.