I know I didn't know you
Very well or very long
but I'd like to talk about you
can I sing you a song?

I never knew another
Who was quite like you
Who accepted with such courage
The things you had to do

And when you walked into a room
We didn't need a light
The warmth of your smile lit
the whole room up inside

My memories of you, some are happy
some are sad
but I'll never regret meeting you
Of that I'm always glad

I know I only knew you
for a very little while
but you gave me a precious gift
you taught me how to smile

I didn't know then who I was
Or what I ought to be
U showed me that it didn't matter
Long as I was me.

I know you had to leave
Tho I never will know why
I'm just grateful that I met you
before you had to die.

I learnt much from your courage
I saw that from the start
And where there was a stony wall
you opened up my heart.

I know I only loved you
for a very little time
but all of me is yours
and part of you is mine

I know I won't give up now
I know I will be strong
I'll live my life as best I can
For your sake I'll go on.

I never understood
Why people want to live for ever
Cos if your loved one's dead it means
you'd never be together.

I know I only met you
A coupla weeks ago
And even tho your gone now
Our love will never go.