Never Forget, Never Again
by: trista groulx

Never forget the past
Always remember yesterday
Don't ever forget the pain
When it's forgotten it comes back
Always remember the tears
Wipe them away, but don't forget the pain
You learn from the past pain
Humanity learns by its past
The greatest pain of all
Our "civilized" world came from blood
Don't revert back to blood
For blood for blood reddens seas
And life for life kills all
Two for one, and three for two
One against another only brings destruction
Do you want to go back to the day of living in fear?
Do you want to ensure that all is gone?
Then start the war
Else, find a better way

a/n: this is an old one written after 9/11, the title comes from war vids from school that the war amps (a canadian agency which provided war victims with prostheses after the war and now provide them to children who have had accidents) put out with the slogan "Never again" and "never again take arms again our brothers"