Sidewalk of Dreams

The spotlight's here
I'm all alone again
You fled the scene, dear
Like an innocent maiden

There's no sign of faith, now
Let's get out of here
To return again, I'd vow
If you had only shed a tear

You told me, once
That I dream too much
I think too often in silence
That there's nothing left
For you to touch

I'm the flare
Peace is my sign
When nobody's there
I'm left behind

I began to doze
On the sidewalk of dreams
And when I arose
You were there, my sunbeam

You told me:
"There's a city of lights
Crowded with people like us, buddy,
Where we could find our spotlight."

I followed you, my sunshine
I watched the skyline
But here reads the sign:
Heaven-Population, A million and nine

I do believe it's time to shine