I let my tears fall the the floor,
Empty and forsaken.
My wings flutter,
Aimlessly casting shadows on the floor,
Trying to hide from the sun in the cathedral bell tower.
The bells pealing anonymously,
No one pulling the ropes to make them sing.
And I weep,
My black eyes staring at the perfectly blue sky.
But I couldn't take flight,
They would shoot me down,
I would just fall,
Broken, for all the persecutors to see,
Maybe mock and torture me,
I would bleed,
And die shamefully,
My black tears, pointless,
Needless, my pain just to be completed,
The sun would stare me down.
Another to mock me,
That I can't soar in it's beauty,
It's rays not to caress my flesh,
But to burn it in embarrassment.
The sky would then be empty for me.
That is why I save my need to fly for night,
The malicious don't see,
And the moon's silver beams are a comfort,
With it's beauty.
Dust flutters with the pulse of my wings,
As I suppress the yearn,
I trace words into the grime and wait,
Wait for the bats,
The lovely dusk.