note. Google Constable's Cornfielf before reading this because it is based on the painting and for those who don't know corn is bad for sheep cos it kills them.

The Cornfield

Flowering clouds, growing dark
a leafy realm, darksome bark,
Summer air and tinkling stream
A day to sit, a day to dream

Or taste the water flowing by
Under shadow and under sky
Just a second, nothing more
Then back to work just once more.

So the boy he lies right down
By the water, dark and brown.
The dog, he waits for his call
Naught to do but stand up tall

And so the sheep are still walking on
Heedless to what is all going on
And to the corn they begin to go
To an end we sadly know

Due to a forgotten gate
That will seal this shepherds fate.
And in a moment he'll leap up high
Realizing what has just passed by.

And so we look and watch and wait
For the sheep to pass the gate,
The dog to bark and boy to wake
Before it's all much to late.

But stuck in paint, frozen still
The boy will always drink his fill,
The sheep will always trundle on
Almost there - but not quite gone.