Did you like the lies of yesterday,
With their stories of hopes and dreams.
The morals in those fables and the monsters of your fears That seem so long ago.

They raced through the minds of the innocent,
Unspoiled by your cruelty Untouched by human hands

Do you remember the lies of yesterday With their pretty pink bows and baseball gloves with their happy families, so clean and nice and toys that have yet to get lost or broken That seemed so long ago

They frolic through the minds of the little ones,
still unaware of the world still naive of the real monster

Can you taste the lies of yesterday with their birthday cake and mud pies The sweet smell of cookies or the juice of a ripe apple in your mouth.
That seemed so long ago.

They dance in the minds of the children unaware what awaits them unsure of the world ahead

Did you like the lies of yesterday or have they already been forgotten Replaced by logic and numbers By wars and payrolls No surprise, the lies had faded away

After all it was so long ago....