Every tear I cry ,
Turns to flame ,
As I watch the world fade ,
Every star .

Shines bright ,
In these final days ,
Of the light ,
Every serchlight .

Serches for us ,
Every life is about to fade away ,
Every winterblue eye ,
Cast a shade of blue .

Every death is before noon ,
The crow has said farewell ,
And now there's the weasel in his stead ,
Casting fire about .

Maybe now ,
This world will fall apart ,
As my heart sobs ,
Out into the night .

You see I'm still hiding ,
I'm biding my time ,
Until I'm older ,
Then I'll be her once again .

My blood runs dry ,
With those seas ,
As the twilight ,
Makes me cry .

I may not live ,
To see that day ,
But I'll fly ,
I'll fly away .

Into the night ,
As the serchlights try to find me ,
And the stars shine bright ,
And the earth begins to fade .