(This story won't be updated quite as frequently as The Pieces of the Puzzle but the pace will pick up soon…as soon as I finish that story.)

Chapter One


Darkness took her as she plummeted to the spinning world below. Pained by heartache and an innocent's death, she knew she wouldn't last long in the world she once tried to protect with her life.

She had protected it, but at the cost of another's existence. The one she loved and could never get back.

Slowly opening her forest green eyes, she saw that she had finally stopped falling. She was laying in a meadow, full of flowers, tall grass and trees that went on for miles and miles, but she could only so far due to the darkness that covered that part of the world.

Standing up and running a small and slender hand through her thick strawberry-blonde hair, she waited for any sign of human life around her.

"Rose," a soft male voice echoed in her ears and soon a man she knew well appeared in front of her in a flash of white light, almost like a lightning bolt. "You can undo what was done."

He regarded her with dark hazel eyes, neat dark brown hair combed back handsomely though the tone was in stark contrast with his slightly ivory skin.

"I will not allow more innocent people to die, Mac." Rose shook as she tried to fight back the pools of tears forming fast in her glistening eyes.

Mac's face filled with sympathy, though he wasn't known for it. "All that they ask of you is to guide one mortal."

"Then they are asking too much of me." Rose quickly turned away from him as the tears broke through her invisible shield.

"Did I mention that by doing this one task they will bring him back?" Mac smiled as she whipped her head around to face him once more with a longing gaze.

"They will bring him back? Why would they do that for me? After all that I've done?" Rose was filled with confusion that soon disappeared.

"You were their prized Guardian; the best. They knew that you would make a mistake one day. Nobody is perfect, even you sometimes, so they're giving you another chance." Mac explained.

"But if I wasn't the 'prized Guardian' I would be in Hell right now." Rose was filled with unbearable pain once more, "I would gladly switch places with him. Why wont they let me?!"

"Guardian's aren't allowed to switch places with mortals. In fact we can't, even if we tried," Mac's voice was back down to a gentle whisper, "Redeem yourself."

Rose tightly shut her eyes as more tears fell down her porcelain cheeks, "OK."

Rose and Mac appeared sparks of purple of white this time, coming across a seemingly empty car lot. Every car was black and blinding as the moon reflected off of their polished doors and gleaming windows.

Fire erupted from a truck nearly thirty feet away; a little close for comfort, even though the blazing fire could do the guardians no harm.

A man, who was standing at the opposite end of the lot, slowly made his way to the two onlookers.

The fire lit up his face in the darkness, allowing Rose to see his facial features through the shadows. And what she saw frightened her more than the explosion had. That face, the angles, the eyes, those beautiful eyes she could never forget, the eyes in which she'd lost herself in only a short time ago. But even now, there seemed something deftly different about the handsome face she saw.

"Vince…" the name rolled off her tongue as if it was the first time she had ever spoken it.

It seemed almost foreign.

Mac only shook his head sadly, "No, his twin brother Marc."

(Short and a little vague I know but you will learn everything in due time.)