Run that cold steel blade through my chest
To stop it from heaving so painfully
My choice is to die with his curse upon me;
Yet that my end is of hate, not love, is best.

Pray to your heartless marble gods if you will,
They don't hear you and they can't save you.
Life within you is putrid now; not false nor true,
You've felt perfection, and all in you did it kill.

One word from his lips and I can't breathe,
I'll die, pass away, before the coming morrow.
Have mercy; end swiftly my choking sorrow;
His eyes to my rapid doom will always lead.

They let you choose your poison in the shade,
You found an angel mingling with mortals,
Now it's time to let go, cross all the portals,
You must drink up to finally through love fade.