Jaimey's birthday poem to me

When I almost lost you

I was sad

And now I've found you

And now I'm glad.

Now you're here

Beside me in bed

And I can't believe

I wished myself dead.

You took my hand

And stayed by me

You pulled me out of

Sheer misery

I can't believe

I'm saying this

But I don't regret

Our first, 2nd or 3rd kiss.

You took my body

And made it okay.

You pulled me up

And made each day a good day

You're my only

One in the world

You will always

Be my little girl

I know you hate

When I call you sis

But you've made my sadness

Eternal bliss.

I don't regret

Having you in my bed

And when I say this,

I mean it:

I Love You Hanna!