How dare you!
by: trista groulx

How dare you leave me!
When you said you'd never leave me
I asked you so many time to never leave

How dare you stop loving me!
When you told me you never could
We said we'd love each other forever

How dare you ask me to stop!
When I feel the same as always
And I think you might too

How dare you ask me to understand!
When you never really explained anything
All you did was dance about the truth

How dare you walk away!
Now when I need you most
Because I don't even know my own feelings

How dare you make me cry!
When I was already crying on the inside
Crying over something I couldn't even control

How dare you make those feelings come back!
When I couldn't handle what had already returned
After you saw the demons coming back

How dare you put me aside!
When you're just not sure what to do
Especially when we trying to work it out

How dare you say it wasn't working!
When we both know we were trying
Trying to so hard that it was starting to work

How dare you run away!
When this was our first real fight
And we were working on those problems

How dare you say those are problems now!
When before you put them aside
When it was me who brought them up

How dare you forget that!
When I was worried too once
When before you quelled my fears

How dare you say I didn't see it!
When you said it wasn't a problem before
When you didn't seem to see it

How dare you do this to me!
When I didn't do it to you before
When I stuck by you through that!