Bullets, Blades, and Blood

Episode 1 – "Bad Bounty"

"Have you ever got an adrenaline rush so good that it just made you feel alive? Heeheheh, that's how I'm feeling right now in this room full of guys. I've cut and shot through at least twenty of your friends getting into this place. I guess I gotta add some more points to that score. (Draws his katana from the sheath on his waist) C'mon boys, don't be afraid. I'll bleed too when you hit me but I won't die as easily as you all will!" laughs Croix as he charges toward the room full of bandit lizard men.

Croix stops for a second and turns on hisiPod that's attached to his waist and says, "Just a second guys. I need some fight music first. (nods his head to the beat) Yeah that's my song."

The bandits charge at him with spears and daggers, but Croix floats and dodges their attempts as if he is the wind and cuts off several of their arms while dancing to the beat. The bandits smile as they regenerate their limbs but Croix just laughs.

Croix jumps across the room and begins running across the walls as he pulls out dual handguns out while firing at his targets. The bandits simply regenerate from the blows again.

"Well, neither guns, nor ammo works on these guys. Elly, you got any ideas?" asks Croix over the radio communicator in his ear.

"I'll be there in a second. If they are of the lizard demon tribe then they shouldn't be able to regenerate if their heads are gone or frozen alive. Remember Croix, we need at least one of them still alive for we can get the bounty," says Croix's assistant, Elandra.

"Freezing and all that other magical stuff is your expertise, Elly, so you know which method I'm going for," says Croix as he draws his katana again.

He dashes into the crowd again, slicing and severing limbs from the lizard demons and blasting them in the face with his shotgun. He goes for the last of them and stops in his tracks when it freezes solid before his eyes.

"Really, Croix, you would be broke if it wasn't for me," smiles Elandra as she lowers her staff.

"That's what I got you here for babe," smiles Croix as he turns off his music. He then tosses his shotgun and katana into the air and leans back as his katana falls neatly into its sheath and the shotgun into its holder on his back as he leans forward.

Elandra smiles, "Show off." She gestures for a spell and they all teleport to their headquarters, a building in one of busiest cities inCounter-Earth.

Croix sits in a chair with his feet propped up on the table as Elandra chants a spell to send their bounty-head to their client. Seconds later a plastic card appears on the table.

"How many credits are on it, Elly?" asks Croix as he shoots a fly out of the air with his pistol.

"Don't waste ammo like that. You know that stuff is expensive. We only got $5,000 for that job and that's barely enough to cover expenses for ammunition and more technology for I can stay up to date. We really need another job to cover this month's rent on this place," she says as she surfs the Bounty-Hunter database.

"I thought that bounty would've been more than that. Oh well, I had fun that's all what counts," says Croix as he shrugs his shoulders.

Elandra sighs, "You and your 'fun' is gonna get you in trouble one of these days. I swear if I wasn't your best friend I would've killed you one of these days."

"Of course, you got everyone else's weaknesses on that computer I wouldn't be surprised mine is on there too. Besides, you know you love hanging with me. I'm the coolest guy you know," smirks Croix.

Elandra laughs at him and says, "Of course, you know that. Ah, here we go. A nice simple job, that's paying $20,000 for this one. The only thing you have to do is kill two demons that are stalking a child in the forests on the outskirts of town. Odd, that they're paying this much for such a simple job."

"I don't care. Plus weren't you just complaining about money just a second ago? Let's hurry up and take the job for we can go eat out for once, instead of ordering pizza as always," says Croix.

Elandra does a gesture with her hand to teleport him to the location of the demons as she radios to him, "You go ahead. I'll finish up this paperwork from the last job and do this one. I'll join you afterward."

"Hey you could've at least gave me something on the demons on how they look like or something," snaps Croix as he walks down the dirt path.

A young girl comes out of nowhere and bumps into him. She falls to the ground and drops her teddy bear but Croix helps her to her feet.

Croix brushes her off, hands her the bear and asks, "You alright kid?"

She looks at him afraid and runs off. She disappears as quickly as she appeared. Croix scratches his head as he shouts to see if she's still there but is quickly cut off by two demons (one male, one female) pouncing onto him and biting into his flesh. They revel in the taste of blood as if they have not fed in days.

Croix laughs as he stands with them still feeding and throws them both against the trees, "I'm not easy prey, you bloodthirsty beasts. I guess you two are the ones I'm looking for."

He then pulls out his flails (bladed nunchakus) as the demons charged at him for another taste of his blood. He twirls them ferociously from around his neck to his wrists, cutting and spilling their blood across the ground. The female demon bats the weapon away, even though she loses an arm in the process. The male one attempts to attack Croix from behind but he manages to slice him in half as he unsheathes his katana. The female one lunges forward to avenge her mate but Croix kicks her up into the air and blows her apart with his shotgun. Both of their remains are rendered to dust as Croix contacts Elandra, "Elly, this was too easy. Plus there's nothing left of these guys to make a claim on the bounty."

"Well don't worry about it. We just got payment for it just a second before you called. Nice work. I'll bring you back now," she says as she teleports him back.

Unknown to Croix, he has had an audience watching his fight just now. The young girl who had bumped into him, was watching from the shadows. She sits there crying, holding her teddy bear tightly. She suddenly gasps as a hand appears on her shoulder.

"What is wrong child?" asks the figure hidden the darkness.

"That man, that thing…killed my parents. They only wanted a small bit of his blood unless they would have died from hunger. I hate him. He made me all alone now," she said sobbing.

"You are not alone, child. I, the demon lord Ifiros, am here for you. Do you want revenge child? I can help you," he says.

The girl looks up with hatred in her eyes, "Yes, I want to tear him apart just like he did to my parents!"

"Excellent," laughs Ifiros.

End of Episode 1