Episode 35 – Dark Desires

"Whatever you wish to do or go, you know I am behind and beside you.. sometimes on top or beneath..." Sara grinned slightly, this darker side of her bringing about the vixen Croix seemed to see naturally since he embraced his evil.

"We have a problem in that however… The one controlling me…" And at those very words the punishment began again, a silent force seeming to bore into her mind, dropping her to her knees in front of Croix, her one good arm's hand at her head.*

Croix glares at her, "You reek of Heaven-sent blood and you do not possess the means of mastery of controlling the minds of others. Away with you, I need not a weakling at my side."

She looked up at him, his words striking to Sara within, "Cr...oix... I..."

She closed her eyes tightly, trying to drive Serpentine out of her mind. She knew she had the capability, she'd used it to kill Elly so long ago when she first came to him.

Croix folds his arms, "Tell your master to face me if she any sense of honor. I'll kill you both if you stand in my way of conquering this world."

"I do not serve voluntarily, Croix!" She yelled out, "I love you! It is you I will do anything for!"

"Then serve me, my dark angel and ignore any pain as my love will heal any harm that would come to you."

"You know my answer will forever be yes to anything you ask, Croix." She pushed herself up to stand, her mind keeping Serpentine's attempt to control at bay. "I will always serve you, Croix..."

Croix extends a hand to her as she stands. "See I told you that you are more powerful than you could ever imagine. Do not allow that weakling to bound you down."

There was still effort in her eyes to keep her own control, but she smiled slightly, "I am not exactly..." she winces slightly, "One hundred percent right now, either."

As he holds her hand, his dark aura seems to wash over her and heals her wounds. "These strange feelings in my heart say that you had the ability to do this in the past when you were a child of light."

Sara: She gritted her teeth as she heard slight cracklings as the bones move back into place, the feeling not to pleasant either. She cracked her neck, now that it didn't hurt to move it, her wing stretching out and she smiled, "Much better… And I know I could…but I am not exactly my old self either…"

She reached up to touch his face, the other pressed slightly against his chest, "I like this look in you, my love.." She bit her lower lip slightly, debating whether or not to pounce him right here…

He pushes her away slightly, turning away from her. "Business first, pleasure later my dark angel… I want to test out what I am capable of in this form. It's been so long since I've reveled in joy of a slaughter."

She was not quite used to this behavior, but for some reason.. she liked it.

"Of course, my love."

She steps around so she can see his front again, "Where would you like to go? We have the world open to us."

"Back to that place we called a home when we were in another life. To start this life anew we must do away with the old for a clean slate. Then we shall do away with this fool who tries to control you."

She grinned wickedly and nodded once, "I agree. We do not need anything or anyone holding us back from taking what is ours. And it has been long for me as well.. Not since I was under command of your fool brother. It will be glorious to do so again."

"My brother's powers are sealed off by that one who tried to control you so he's easy prey. The only threats are my sister and our daughter. Let's us go now I cannot wait!"

He runs off the rooftop and his wings spread out as he glides into the distance.

Sara follows suit, her wings like that of a fallen angel, black yet feathered, spreading out a good ten foot span. She looked down at all the mortals below and laughed slightly, "Such pathetic beings."

Meanwhile, the party of Elly, Ifiros, Rika and Ivy has returned back to Croix and Elly's mansion home in the middle of the city. Amara's group were kind enough to bless them with another safe haven and decent meal before their departure, but the party were more comfortable going back to their own home. Not to her group's surprise, Amara didn't hesitate to argue with their visitors and arranged for Sita to teleport them back safely – completely against Elly's wishes as her own sorcery could've done the job just as swifty as any of her man-made machines could have.

Elly is in the infirmary treating Ivy and Rika's injuries while they both rest. Since their their stay with Amara's group was not a lengthy one, Sita nor the twins, were not able to address their injuries properly.

Ifiros paces back and forth looking at the nearby grandfather clock while Elly treats them both. A cold glare from Elly instructs him to sit down and reads from his volume of the Arcanum, covering the dark arts of magic.

She suddenly senses a cold chill in the air, "Brother, I hope you made the right choice and come back to us."

Ifiros is sitting down nearby and comments, "He didn't take the sword with him. So this may get messy. Minerva created that to balance the good and evil within his body if he gets off balance he'll be just like Sara is to us right now."

Ivy moves a bit, having been trying to sit up after Elly finishes with her bandages, feeling almost nauseous that things have changed so drastically. "This can't be happening.. They are both. They're not the same."

Elly looks serious and says, "Ivy, maybe you coming here has already changed the future. You may end up having to stop your parents again in this time."

Francesca walks in accompanied by Koji, who is helping her walk, "No she doesn't. I'll fight. I still have some life left in me. Besides, my ability to copy their abilities should help somewhat."

Koji nods and adds, "Sorry you guys for storming off but this is just as much my fight as everyone's else's. I know Croix would want us to stand together even to the end. I know he would want us to do them in more than anyone. He might be on the wrong side right now but that doesn't change he's my best friend."

Rika notes the condition of both Francesca and Koji, "Very foolish, Carpathian. You followed the one with the cursed hands into the frozen wasteland, knowing very well what prolonged exposure to that region would do to you. You nor him aren't any use to use in your condition."

Koji shakes head, "Francesca risked her health for the same reason why Croix went after Sara. We belong here just as much as the rest of you as we have the same weapon that Croix and Sara have used to beat everything and everyone that's stood in their way (staring at Ifiros) – power of the heart."

Francesca nods weakly, "It just took us longer to than them to find it…buried so deep beneath all of snow…"

Ivy nodded, moved by their words, "I can fight. I know father would want it, as Koji said. I just feel different somehow.. like their difference has affected me in a way. I can feel it."

She frowned, looking up to Elly, noting Elly's eyes glancing at Francesca and Koji holding each other's hands. Elly grins to herself before commenting aloud, "It's about time you two. I was wondering when you both would confess your feelings for each other."

Francesca and Koji glance at each other before blushing softly. Francesca's eyes widen as she picks up Sara and Croix's scent in the air, "They are here…"

Outside, Sara lands softly on the roof of the house, "They can already sense us... Pity.. I wanted to surprise them."

Croix comes crashing through the ceiling, knocking a weakened Francesca and Koji away with ease, "Pity that you all won't have the chance to kill us if you're already at your own graves."

Sara came down through the hold he made in the ceiling, landing beside him with a grin, "Who would you like, my dark knight.. I will take the rest."

She wasn't being controlled by Serpentine now, since this was one of the snake's wants. Sara laughed, "Don't look so surprised, you fools. You should have known this day would come."

Ifiros looks towards Croix's swords in the corner as Elly whips out her staff and Francesca stands up on her own. "Don't make us do this."

Ifiros laughs, "Do you really think you have any power under Serpentine's control Dove? Your power as a purebred Heaven-sent is a thousand times more powerful than anything her and I have given to you."

She smiled bitterly, "And if you knew me you would know that I know how to manipulate my own powers to do what I will so shut your mouth you old crone."

She lifted her arm toward Ifiros who lifted into the air, "You always underestimated me."

He began feeling much of the same pain in his mind as Elly did when she killed her so long ago when she first came to be with Croix, her telepathy grown over the time, as well as the fact she had died so she learned her powers even more.

Ifiros laughs as she lifts him into the air, "Do you actually think I fear death? And what do you think killing me will accomplish? You know what greatness that you are destined for. What happened to that dream of nice little romantic wedding with all your friends here and starting a family?"

Croix seems to freeze in thought at his words as he looks at Sin.

Sara paused only a moment before snarling slightly, "I don't care if you do not fear death. Besides, I'm doing the world a favor and ridding it of a damned creature like you! You used me and cast me aside. You never loved me, why should I have remorse for you?"

Ifiros begins to laugh at Sara's words, "Like I told you before, killing me will bring you a step closer to becoming just like me. You'll be just as heartless and merciless as myself. You'll lose that torch in your heart you carry even now when you're supposed to be under Serpentine's control for Delacroix. Stop this and become who you really are. I didn't kill you for you could waste your resurrected talents on mere amateur villainy."

"Silence!!!" she yelled, frustrated at the thoughts in her head. "It's your fault all this happened! EVERYTHING!"

She looked to Croix, but he was looking over at the sword. She frowned and looked to Ifiros who went flying through a wall, landing in the other room.

She turned to Croix, blocking his view from the sword, "Concentrate!" She snapped, trying to get him out of the daze-like state he was in.

Croix looks at her with his genuine eyes and asks, "Sara, is this the right thing that we should be doing."

At the same time, Ivy gets the idea to walk between them and show them a picture of them as a family that she's been carrying with all this time.

Sara: She looks up to Croix, his eyes no longer holding the evil she saw only moments before. She frowned, not looking at the picture or Ivy even though she stood between them. "Now who is being weak?"

Sara's words enrage him a bit, but Croix grabs Sara by the shoulders and shakes her, "Sara, this isn't right. I feel as if we are forgetting something."

Her lips twitch in a slight snarl, "The only thing it seems you are forgetting is that this was your idea! How dare you turn back?!"

She had dark tears creeping up into her eyes, her vision blurred slightly, and tinged red.. It was obvious she was having a mental struggle, her Heaven-sent blood fighting the evil as well as the hold from Serpentine.

"Don't do this to me Croix... Don't... You came back to me… you came back... and now you're turning your back on me.. Don't do this…"

Her eyes flickered between darkness, pure white, and her beautiful blue as she looked around, chaos in her mind.

Croix does nothing but takes her into his arms for a hug with Ivy hugging her from behind. Both of them hoping her to return to her normal self.

"Just come home Sara, just come home."

Sara struggles in their hold, easily pushing Ivy away since she didn't have much of a hold, but she couldn't get away from Croix. "Croix, stop this!"

She shouted, her struggling intensifying until something seemed to snap in her mind and she froze, her eyes locked onto Croix's, her body shaking as her eyes faded from black to blue and remained, her body slowly changing to her normal self. Her normal Sara… and the tears spill from her eyes just before she passes out.

Elly goes to help Ivy and Ifiros to their feet as Ifiros asks, "Did anyone get the license plate of that bus that just hit me?"

Koji and Francesca laugh weakly while Croix stands up with Sara passed out in his arms.

"Thanks everyone. I couldn't have brought her back without all of you, especially you, Ivy." Elly adds, "You've changed the future Ivy. You should be happy."

Sara twitched slightly in her unconsciousness, having 'dreams' with Serpentine, beating and punishing her for her defiance and failure.

Elly takes Sara's palm and reads her soul again, "She's back to normal but Serpentine isn't taking it lightly as she's the one who brought her back to life after all."

Ivy touched Sara's forehead, "I just didn't want my parents, especially my mother, being lost in darkness.. I did what I could.."

Ifiros glares at them, "Haven't I said before everything I've done was for a purpose. I killed Sara to make her stronger. The Heaven-sent only master their powers in death. Once learning all they could about their powers they are able to revive themselves, much like Sara's mother did prior to her being born. Unfortunately that ability can only be used once."

Croix smiles, "Ivy, you did your best. I know that me and Sara from your time are very proud of you right now. I know I am."

Ivy looks over to Ifiros and frowns, "So you mean if she's killed again.. there's no bringing her back again..?"

Ifiros smiles, "My dear niece, Sara never used it the first time. Serpentine did that for her."

"Besides, I'll protect her this time. I owe that to her." says Croix as he caresses her cheek.

Sara twitched slightly at the touch, her eyes opening, flickering as they do so. Her vision was blurry at first, eyes slightly crossing until she squinted, slightly grunting. "Croix...?"

Croix hugs her close to his body, tears running down his face. "Finally you've come back to me just like you've left me."

Ifiros was about to say something along the lines of, "If you want her full of holes and another spike in the forehead, I can arrange that…" but an elbow to the gut and simple magic gesture to ducktape his mouth closed renders the moment unfettered by Elly.

Her own arms slowly, weakly wrapped around him, what little they could reach since they were slightly pinned from his own hold around her, "I would never leave you Croix.. I was always in your heart."

Croix caresses her cheek with his thumb, "I thought you would never wake up from that nightmare Serpentine created."

Sara shakes her head slightly, "She still has me Croix.. She's kind of.. locked away almost.. but I can still feel her in my head." She frowned, resting her head against his chest. "I'm getting rather…tiresome of everything in this world toying with my life.." She said, the tone intended to be joking but it was more tired.