'Shadow of Flames'

Story: Ray Genesis is a normal teenager has reached the age where people begin to change but he didn't change like everyone else. Ray Genesis developed a supernatural power of generating a flame from his body. How will Ray use this newly developed power? In a bad way or in a good way?

Sitting on the bed lays a teenage boy. Ray Genesis. He stares at his ceiling for hours and thinks to himself. "What has happened to me?" Finally after hours and hours he leans up from off his bed and walks towards his room door. As he gets ready to open the door his sister Kara opens the door. The door hits him on his face. "Owwww!" he said out loud rubbing the spot where the door hit him.

"Well next time don't be near the door when I'm around." She said. "Yeah what ever could you move out of my way?" he said. "Where do you think your going?" He walks past her. "Out." He walks out of his house as the sun begins to set. He looks down at his left arm and sees small flames covering his arm. "This is so cool!" He said. "Hmm...

He stands in his same spot for several minutes. Continues walking down the street as a man asks him for a light. He smiled. "Sure…" He raised his right hand and produced a small flame similar to the flame of a lighter.

The man looked at him as he pissed his pants in shock. "You're like those other damn teens." The man ran down the road. "What does he mean by other teens?" As Ray starts walking down the road he sees a buddy of his speed walking around a corner. "Yo Alex." Ray yelled loudly. Alex kept walking quickly away from Ray. "ALEX!" Ray yelled at the top of his lungs. Alex didn't bother to turn around. Ray began to run towards Alex as he sees some local thugs following him.

Ray slowed down and walked at his normal pace. "Alex is in danger. I must help him." He said to himself quietly. "But how…?"

To be continued…