Shadow of Flames

A/N: Sorry this came very late...It was post to come in August but hey like they say better late than never..

This chapter is about Ray thoughts and stuff maybe some action..

Issue #9: The shadow of a killer.

Setting: Ray room

Narrator: ..Last time in Shadow of Flames..Ray got into a little fighter with James and Carl and had to show them who's

boss...While james thought of an idea it got him killed by the drunk cheddar bob..Ray seen him and went crazy on him..

He ended up killing him and hung him in a tree...He looked back to see Carl running and the police sirens getting close..

He walked back to his house and heres where we take place...

''Dad'' Ray said while he was doing his daily Three hundred pushups. "I know your watching me up there. Do you think I did the right thing?" Ray asked himself as he struggled to get his arms up. "Well if you don't I do. He shouldn't of killed you. I'm no hero so it doesn't matter if I didn't kill him." He said as he dropped hard to the ground. "Three Hundred." He said to himself.

Ray looked up towards his window to see a shadow walking to the side of his house. He got off the floor quickly and headed towards the window. The shadow quickly ran to the side of the house. Ray unlocked his window and pushed the window upwards and stuck his head out the window. He then slowly brought the rest of his body out the window. He left the window up incase he'd have to run back in quickly.

When he peeked his head around the house he noticed the shadow going around his house again. He ran up to the edge of his house and peaked around the corner to see the shadowy figure looking at him. "What are you doing?" Ray asked the person. "Looking...for......someone." He said slowly."Who are you looking for on the side of my house this late at night?" Ray asked the man. "Ray...Genesis..." The man said as he opened his left eye. "He doesn't say here." Ray told the man as he slowly started to take steps backwards.

"Anymore." The man said. "What do you mean anymore?" Ray asked him. "Ray Genesis doesn't stay here anymore." He said as he stepped out of the shadow. Ray looked at the man as he quickly put a flame on the tip of his index finger. "You're so right you know?" Ray told him as he walked towards him. "And your no longer in my eye sight." Ray said as he held his index finger at the man.

"What are you doin?" The man asked ray. "Well I was about to blast your head off." Ray told the man. "Kid you have to come better than that." The man said as he walked towards ray. Ray dropped backwards in fear of the monsterous man. He shot the flame that was on his index finger at the man. The man simply held his hand up and froze the fire. "What are you?" Ray asked him. "Everything your not." He told Ray. Ray quickly got off the ground and darted towards the man. "Stupid kid." The man said as he drop kicked Ray on the head.

Blood rushed out of Ray's lip from the impact of the man's boot. He tumbled backwards into a tree. When he stood up he was quickly knocked back down by an elbow to the back of the head. Ray dropped to the ground and started to get mad. The man slowly started to back away from Ray. Flames started to spark from every direction. Lights started to come on in Ray's house and his neighbor's house also.

The man quickly noticed the lights and stepped back into the shadow and disappeared. Ray quickly put his flames out and rushed towards his window where he seen someone jump inside. "What is this? Party at Ray's?" He said to himself as he ran to the window.

As he jumped inside he seen Alex on his bed. "What are you doing?" Ray asked him. "I came over to tell you." Alex said with his head down. "Tell me what?" Ray asked him. "Your a wanted man." Alex told him.

Narrator: What you look at them apples?? A wanted man. Ray??? It couldn't it? Well theres only one way to find out. Next time on Shadow of Flames..