AN: this is a very angry poem with bad language, sex, death, murder just about everything under the sun that would make Christians shudder but go ahead and read you know you wanna. (And it doesn't rhyme on purpose fyi)

Ah the peaceful serene

The joy, your smile

The perfect little indent

In my eyes


Bitch, get the fuck out of my face

Awe look at that she's crying

Let me hand you a tissue

Yikes I didn't mean to shove it down your throat

Watch it or you might choke

You know I never learned the Heimlich maneuver

Though I guess I should have

Seeing the predicament I'm in now

Shh you might wake up the neighbors

With you pleading cries of pleasure

The kneading of my right hand

That is sure to bring a whore like you over the edge

Turn away from me with that helpless look in your eye

Why can't you scream at me?

And tell me what a power hungry bitch I am?

Another orgasm?

Wow I suppose I am better then I thought

But then again all women cower under my insatiable touch

How did that get in my hand?

What did you say?

Yes I agree this knife is awfully shiny

And sharp

It goes nicely with your complexion

Do you agree?

Don't whimper at me

It will only hurt for a minute

I promise

I have said that a lot haven't I?

I don't expect you to believe me


Don't you dare scream!

Take it like the slut you are

Don't call me crazy!

So maybe pain and sex aren't the greatest combination

But who said peanut butter and jelly was so great?

Look at all the velvet red on my hands

And the punctures on your once flawless skin

It reminds me of strawberry preserves

I'm kind of hungry

Care if I take a taste?


Did you die on me already?

Damn it all to hell

And the fun didn't even begin yet

But before I toss you in my trunk

I want you to know I love you

It was because of my love

That I chose to be one with you

Be there when you died

Play god for an hour or so

I wanted you to die by my hands

That way no one else can have you

So now you look dazed

Almost like you did after that crazy party

You remember the one were you were so drunk you made out with Chris?

Then you crawled to me apologizing and vomiting

Begging for help

You had the same glazed look in your eye

I miss you already

Well there is no time for regret

When you have a body in your hands

AN: did you like? Did you hate it? Tell me all about it! It was random, maybe not even a poem really, but what defines a poem anyhow? And who decides whether one is worthy to be called a poet?