I wish that I could take away the pain
That anyone has ever felt
And give it to myself-
To carry the entire load
Of the entire world
Because no one deserves to suffer,
Specific people, people I don't know-
No one should have to suffer.
I don't like to watch people suffer,
When I have to suffer more-
It never seems fair;
So grant me one wish,
And give me their pain to escape in.
I want to be buried,
In more turmoil and pain
So I can start to suffocate
And continue to cut
And continue to feel.
If no one would be able feel pain,
I couldn't be happier.
I don't mind worrying about my friends,
But its something that no one should have to do.
So give me their pain,
My God, moi dieu,
And words could not express the way I'd feel.

Take away the pain
Of breakups, heartaches, and one sided relationships
And give them to me.
Give me other people's depression,
Disorders and disabilities
So I can know what they go through.
If people want to cut,
Take away that feeling
And give it to me-
I'll cut for them, gladly, any day.
Take away divorce altogether
And affairs and other things that hurt relationships
And give me their pain
So I know that things can't be worse here than they are elsewhere.
Don't let one more child suffer a beating,
My god, moi dieu,
For they shouldn't suffer from it.
Give people a will to live-
I'll gladly give them mine.
Give them a will not to die-
I'll gladly give that away, too,
Because no one should have to feel
The pain when a loved one dies-
Especially when one kills themselves.

Don't let anyone else suffer,
My god, moi dieu,
And words could never express my gratitude toward you.
You have my faith now,
But you'd have my life then…
Anything so people wouldn't have to suffer anymore!