"I swear it."

"Do you? Truly? Oh, Theseus, I love you." She threw herself onto his chest, and he wrapped his arms around her. "Oh, say it again, my love. I beg of you."

"I love you, my Ariadne. If you help me defeat the Minotaur, I will take you to Athens, and there wed thee." He kissed her soft hair. "I swear it."

"My Lord?"

"You heard me."

"But why?"

Theseus paused. "I was bid do so."

"My Lord?"

"By the Lady Athena, whom our blessed city was named after. Now obey me and leave me in peace." Theseus snapped. He turned angrily away from his first mate, but not before the man had the chance to see anger- and guilt? - in his eyes.

"Yes, m'lord." He said, and with a short bow left him. He quietly walked across the deck and into the crew's quarters. He quickly rounded up a few men and told them to prepare a boat. Then he went into Theseus and Ariadne's chambers. The lovely woman was in deep sleep. He packed some clothes, food, and a blanket in a bag and ever so gently picked her up and took her outside. He carefully set her down on a pillow beside him in the boat, and they rowed to shore.

Ariadne sat, hair blowing across her face, feet in the sand, which stung her skin as the wind tossed it across her. She sat, watching a small speck in the distance. A speck that had, an hour ago, been a tiny ship far away. A ship that had been carrying to Athens, and to a happy life with Theseus. A ship that cared to bear her no longer.

No tears fell down her cheeks. No sobs escaped her dry throat. No heaving shudders of despair racked her body. Why should she cry, after all? What reason had she to cry?

After all, she only loved him.