Such a small word

Such a big thing

More important than anything

But you can't see it

More meaningful than everything

But you can't touch it

It's everywhere and no where

The more you give away, the more you have

The perfect oxymoron

Supposedly perfect

In every way

But is it perfect?

the feeling that kills people

that tears apart friends


That hurts everyone involoved if one is wrong.

Is that pefection?

Or is that a mistake?

What is love?

Is it wanting to be with someone for the rest of your life?

Is it the feeling of knowing that if you lose track with them

It would be the end of your world?

Is it the feeling of never wanting to let go

Of wanting to just stay in someones arms






Is that love?

Or is it when your heart beats faster

When your face turns red

When you can't speak

Can't think

Can't do anything

Desperately want to impress them

When you try too hard to impress them.

Is that love?

Or is it a mixture?

Who knows?

Or better

Who can describe it?

How can you ever fully describe love?

How can you describe a feeling that goes straight into your soul and strikes you silly?

How can you explain the confusion, the adrenaline, the mix of emotions that comes with love?

How do you explain love?

There's not only one word that can do the job.

Love is not perfect.

It brings heartbreak and fighting

Helping and hurt

It brings every emotion you can ever experience and more

But people crave it anyways

They search for it

Want it

Need it

Crave it

But why, if all it causes is pain?


The main emotion

The best thing you will ever experience

Is knowing you're in love

And they love you back

The epitome of happiness.