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Kaylee and Taylor were your average 13-year-old identical twins, their short black hair falling around their faces, accenting the ice blue eyes that set them apart from the rest of the world. They had matching birthmarks on their left shoulders, and they were never apart. Well, they were average.

It was a cold, bleak day in mid-January when the twins were headed home from school. The winter clouds hanging in the sky were so thick that they would have made almost anyone feel claustrophobic. Heavy fog dampened everything on the ground, and a chilling wind was whistling around the corners of buildings and down alleys, causing Kaylee and Taylor to clutch their coats closely about their faces. As they passed a darkened side street, a woman, who appeared to be in her forties, approached them.

"Hello, dearies. Would you care for a psychic reading by Madame Josephine? The Fates are calling to you, children. Surely, you cannot resist their voices. They know all, dear girls, and will be willing to tell it, for the small price of $15.95." She cocked her head expectantly, flashing the many bangles, earrings, and pendants that were hanging from her torso.

"Um," said Taylor, inching her and her sister along the wall they were backed against and away from Madame Josephine. "No thank you."

The psychic followed them. "Are you sure, children? All, girlies. The Fates know all. They wish to speak with you."

Taylor continued moving away from the stranger, keeping Kaylee behind her the entire time. "No. We've…er…spoken with the Fates already," she said, hoping it would send Madame Josephine away. In the bitter cold, the twins kept their coats up, covering their faces.

"But, my dears, that is not possible, for it is only through me that you could have talked with them, and I can assure you, I remember every person who has sought my advice. You must accept my glorious offer before it is too late!" Her trinkets jingled once again, flashing in the hazy sunlight that was fighting its way through the cloudy overhang.

"Listen, lady!" Taylor yelled, dropping her coat, "We don't want any reading! Just go away, will you?"

Now, in all honesty, Madame Josephine probably would have left the startled girls alone, had not two of her numerous pendants begun glowing. Instead, She looked down at the necklaces with wide eyes, magnified to look even larger behind her spectacles. With a shaky finger, she pointed towards the twins.

"It's you!" she cried, her voice quavering slightly from fear, "You're back now…but…but…already? Paoron was sure it would be at least five more years." She looked back at the pendants. "But it really is you? You've really returned?"

Taylor looked at the woman, and laughed at her own thoughts.

Kaylee looked quizzically at Josephine, lowering her coat slightly from around her face. Suddenly, Sheesh! What a loon! echoed through her head. Scared, Kaylee jumped, looking wildly around, but Taylor was too busy looking strangely at the psychic to notice. Just then, Taylor leaned over to Kaylee and whispered in her ear, "Sheesh! What a loon!"

Now, Kaylee was looking at both the stranger and her sister as if they were crazy. She's completely mental. Absolutely insane. Once again, the voice sounded in Kaylee's head, and so, she did the only thing that made sense: She decided to talk to it. Who are you? She thought at it. What the- the voice said. Meanwhile, Taylor looked blankly astonished, and, suddenly, it clicked. She was talking to Taylor. Taylor! she said, It's me!



The twins looked at each other.

Madame Josephine obviously realized that she was missing something, because she said, "What?"

After a moment of silence, both verbally and mentally, Madame Josephine spoke again. "I can't believe I've finally found you, though!"

What the freak's she talking about? Asked Kaylee.

I dunno. Ask. Taylor sounded just as in the dark as she did.


Yes, you. Who else? The OTHER voice in my head?

Ha ha. Very funny. Replied Kaylee sarcastically.

Kaylee was about to speak, but Josephine beat her to the job, falling to her knees in front of the twins. "All hail, Selena! May your power forever control the time of the universe!" Then, taking off her still-glowing pendants, she held them out in front of the twins and added, "Please, oh Goddess, take these, to unlock your powers."

Kaylee looked back at Taylor.

Need I say more than 'what'?

No, Kaylee.

"Um," Kaylee said, "Who the heck's this Selena person, 'cause she's obviously not one of us." She nodded towards the now silent Taylor standing beside her.

For a moment the psychiclooked confused, but then a look of grim realization spread melodramatically across her face. "Oh yes. Paoron said you wouldn't remember. Well then. Selena. You are Selena. Both of you. Selena was the Goddess of time. She rebelled against Mithryn, the head god, and was banished, but her soul flew through a black hole, and so, now, here you two are; Each of you a reincarnation of half of her soul. You've inherited all her powers, as well. You can control time and space, along with the general godly powers: teleportation, telepathy, the ability to control mortals…things like that." Madame Josephine acted as though she had just taught a very commonly known history lesson about Christopher Columbus. The twins just readopted the strange looks that were finding a loving home upon their startled faces.

"What?" They said in unsion.

Josephine sighed exasperatedly. "Okay. Now, listen, and listen well, because I'm not telling this story again. You," she said emphatically, pointing once again at the girls, "Are Selena. When Selena was banished, her soul flew through a black hole and was split in two. Are you with me so far?"

Kaylee nodded, but Taylor said, "But why'd she rebel?"

Another sigh from Josephine. "That is another story, my dear. One that you will surely learn in time, but not now. So, anyways, Selena's soul split in two and was flung back to the mortal realm where both of you were born; reincarnations of her spirit."

In the long silence that followed, the only sound was the ferocious wind hammering their coats, and the light tinkling noises that Madame Josephine's trinkets made.

"Yeah. Right," Taylor said. Hey, Kaylee, she added.


Let's get out of here. I don't think she's right in the head, if you know what I mean.


But what? SHE'S CRAZY!

I don't think that's necessarily true. Kaylee gave Taylor a look, something between, "Don't judge people that quickly," and "Even if you're right, this is interesting."

No, Kaylee. We're going. NOW.

I think she may be right…

Gosh, Kaylee! That's stupid! First of all, I barely understand what she's saying, and, secondly, IT'S NOT POSSIBLE!


Madame Josephine stared intently at the girls, eyes glazed slightly over, as though happy to a point of crying.

Taylor gave up talking about it, and, in an effort to leave, grabbed Kaylee firmly be the arm, and began pulling her home. "I'll drag you all the way if I have to, Kaylee. Know that."

Kaylee struggled uselessly at her newfound bonds. Twins or no, Taylor would definitely win is a strength contest, and she knew every pressure point on your body. "Let…me…go…I…can…stay…if…I…want…grr…"

Taylor sighed and continued to drag her sister off. "Really, Kaylee. You may be older, but sometimes you're so immature."

Josephine stumbled after the twins, holding out the two pendants she had offered them earlier, which were still glowing, but fading quickly. "Please. Even if you must leave, I beg of you, girls, take these."

"FINE!" Taylor cried, snatching the pendants from Josephine's withered hands. "Now, will you just let us go home in PEACE?"

In silent response, Madame Josephine fell back into the shadows, dissolving into their black depths as though part of them herself. The only proof that she had ever even been there were the two pendants that Taylor still clutched coldly.

"Come on, Kaylee," Taylor said firmly. "Let's go. If we don't hurry, Mom will get home before we do, and that'll lead to a lot of awkward questions that I'd rather avoid."

Kaylee hung her head slightly. "Okay." Then, she added, "Could I have my pendant, please?"

With a glare, Taylor handed the necklaces over to Kaylee. "Here ya go. Happy?"

Her sister nodded. Kaylee held the pendants as though they were made of glass. Both were dragons, perfectly carved, with silvery wings folded around a colored marble. One of them had an opaque blue stone that reminded Kaylee of the sea, the other, was a piercing blood red. Lifting the blue one, and placing it around her neck, she handed the other back to Taylor.

"What's that for?"

Kaylee looked at her sweetly. "It's for you. You're supposed to wear it."

Taylor walked on indifferent, leaving Kaylee holding the necklace in her outstretched hand.

"Why not, Taylor? I think they're pretty." Kaylee paused. "I saved the red one for you. I know you love that color." She smiled innocently.

"Because they're part of all that stupid crap we heard back there. I have no interest in being a part of that," Taylor said strongly.

Kaylee, who was fairly emotional, fought back salty tears that were threatening to fall, and thought to herself, Why's she have to be so mean?

I heard that.

Kaylee stopped. She hadn't thought she'd thought it that loud. Oh well. Good, She thought back. You're just being evil. All I wanted was for you to wear your pendant, but if you're gonna be that way, then I'm just going to ignore you. Humph.

All the way home, Kaylee walked silently. Taylor didn't care. For a little while, at least. Eventually, she "missed" Kaylee, and tried to get her to talk. "Please, Kay?" She asked, "I'm really sorry about that explosion." Her sister remained silent. Taylor gave up. Taylor was stubborn, but only when strength was concerned. Kaylee was ten times more so about everything else.

When the twins reached home, it was to, luckily, find their mother still at work, and their cats hungry. Star, Kaylee's kitten, was rubbing all around their feet as they hung up their coats, and turned on the heater. Taylor had to go seek out Oreo, who was very quiet and shy, no matter who or what. Once both the cats had been fed, the table set, pizza ordered, and homework done, the twins retired to their rooms, where Kaylee went about immediately turning on her angst-filled rock full volume on her boom box. Even through two closed doors, a sheet, a comforter, and a pillow, Taylor could still hear every word of the music.

"I tear my heart open

I sew myself shut

And my weakness is

That I care too much

And our scars remind us

That the past is real

I tear my heart open

Just to feel."

That was Kaylee's favorite depression song. "Scars", it was called. "KAYLEE! TURN DOWN YOUR MUSIC!" Taylor yelled in vain. With the music up so loud, chances were, Kaylee had already knocked herself out, and if not, she definitely couldn't hear her. "UGH!" Taylor grunted. "Fine then. I have my ways." KAYLEE! She yelled mentally, hoping that her music wasn't up so loud that Kaylee couldn't hear her own thoughts. Or someone else's. KAYLEE! TURN YOUR GOSH DARNED MUSIC DOWN! HOW ARE WE SUPPOSED TO HEAR THE DOORBELL WHEN THE PIZZA GETS HERE? Ah ha! Success. The volume was lowered. Taylor knew that Kaylee could never risk not getting her pizza. Thank you.


The afternoon continued much in the same way, as did the evening, and, by the time the sun had gone down, Kaylee was still mad. Taylor was sure this was a new record. After dinner, Kaylee returned to her room where she turned on "Scars" again, and went about staring out her window, like she did every night. Their house was on a hill, so from her window, Kaylee could see most of the city. Its millions of small, orange lights, shone brightly against the nighttime sky, looking a lot like stars, no matter how distinguishable. The sky had cleared some that evening, so the full moon was mostly visible, though it hid partially behind a small cluster of clouds. It shone brightly over the sleeping world, and, as usual, Kaylee let her thoughts wander, out her window and into the sky to find the moon. After only a few minutes, though, her soul-searching was interrupted by a knock at her door.

"Kaylee?" Taylor's voice floated softly through the door. "Can I come in, please?"

"No." Kaylee was determined to make her sister as miserable as possible.

"Please, Kaylee? I really want to talk with you…and I'll wear that pendant thing, if you really want me to, Kay." Taylor's voice sounded truly sorry, and Kaylee thought about it.

"Fine," she said.

The door opened, producing Taylor, who closed it noiselessly behind her. Kaylee turned away from her window to face her twin. Taylor walked over to her and pulled up a pillow. Sitting on it, she said, "So, where's that darned pendant?" Reaching into her pocket, Kaylee pulled out the silver dragon with the red stone.

"Here ya go."

Taylor took it, and, with a smile, place it carefully around her neck. "Forgive me?"

Kaylee laughed. "Sure." Together, the sisters turned back to the window.

They sat in silence for a moment, and then Taylor spoke. "It's really pretty, isn't it?" she asked, with reference to the landscape that lay extended before their eyes.

"Yeah." Kaylee leaned over on Taylor, so that her head was resting on Taylor's shoulder. Smiling serenely, Taylor reached out and grabbed Kaylee's hand, their fingers interlocking. Suddenly, the twins' pendants began to glow again, but this time, much brighter. There was a huge flash of light that seemed to encompass the entire world, and, as soon as it had begun, it was all over, and Kaylee and Taylor were left looking wildly around.


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