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Two In A Million: Chapter 2: These Days Gone By

Lidros leapt from his post and flew with all urgency to Mithryn's quarters, to inform him of what he had just seen. He flew quickly past all the guards, throwing open the large wrought-iron doors to enter the golden chambers. He sped across the floor and up to Mithryn's bed, when he nudged the head god lightly. "My Lord, please awaken. I have news of the utmost importance. You must be informed immediately. Please, Sire."

With a noise something between a snore, grunt, and sneeze, Mithryn opened his eyes and came to immediately. "What is it, Lidros? Have the Angels begun fighting again? That'll be the sixteenth time this century. Or is it seventeenth? Hmm…" Mithryn lost himself in thought, and Lidros nearly slapped him.

"No, Sire! It is something much worse, for I fear that Selena has reawakened!" Lidros' voice quavered at the name.

"WHAT? Why do you say that, Lidros? WHAT DID YOU SEE?"

"Well, I was on my watch, as always, and, suddenly, a large white light sped across the earth and galaxy. THE ENTIRE THING. Everything was enveloped in it, and I can't be sure, but it was definitely the work of one of the Ten, and it sure looked a lot like Selena's Time Warp."

There was a small pause, and the tension in that room was such as had not been felt since Selena's rebellion at least four centuries ago.

Mithryn was the first to recover. He jumped from his bed and dashed to his balcony. Looking over the edge at the earth revolving slowly beneath him, he noticed something. It WASN'T revolving. It should have been, but it wasn't moving at all. The lights had all stopped moving, and as he looked off into the galaxy, HIS galaxy, he saw things that he had never hoped to see again. There were shooting stars stopped cold, Angels frozen mid-wingbeat as they headed home from other Palaces, still planets, unmoving moons, and nothing, besides those inside the protective wall of Dutrik, where he resided, was in motion. "Damn you, Selena, wherever you are. This was much too soon. But you'll have your fight, even if it means losing my throne, you'll get your fight. And I swear we'll win. The good guys always win, Selena. You should know that by now. Even with Paoron on your side, how many others will join when they realize what they're up against: ME?" He chuckled to himself, but even though he seemed nearly unaffected by the new revelation of Selena's return, there was a portion of his mind that was trembling to a point of destruction. In his heart, he knew that Selena was a bigger threat than any other one of the Council of the Ten, and with Paoron, they were formidable. It was inevitable for a fight to break loose, so Mithryn strode off to organize the gods and goddesses, and prepare them for battle.


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