I love it how you hold me

And kiss me on the cheek

I love it when you joke around

And give my nose a tweak.

I hate it when you buckle

Every time we start a fight,

But how you make it up to me

Makes everything all right.

I want you to be near me

Every second of the day

'cuz when I'm talking to you

everything comes out okay.

I hate how we go out and

I'm shown off to all your friends,

But you have a perfect way

To make up your amends.

It makes me mad when I feel weak

Something that's all too real.

It's how I seem to need you so,

Helpless is how I feel.

And this sounds like I don't like it

But the opposite is true.

I don't care 'cuz I'm head over heels

And completely in love with you.