Its all your fault
you make me feel this way
when you always new what to say

It's all your fault
How you make me SO mad
but when i talk to you
that feeling go's away

The way you talked to me
The way you made me feel
I was happy how you were always there

It's all your fault
How you always talked to me
Told me you would always be there

Then when I finally got enough courage
Enough strength to ask you ...out
You said the one thing that made me shatter

It's all your fault
I never felt this way
Not my life

I said it's alright..because I did not want to push
But when you met my friend I did not know this would happen

It's all my fault..For even falling for you
I already had someone but i was never over you

You said things
You were always there
You always made me happy

It's all my fault
RIPPED my heart in two
Left this nasty thing in me

It's all my fault
For feeling this way
I should of know better
then to ask

Sorrow I know i would feel

Anger Was always a part of me

Jealousy was new thing to me

It's all my fault
to rage beyond the pure hope
of ever loving you again

Even tho I'm with someone,
Even tho..your mostly there

It's mostly my fault
For never understanding
When you always said
"We would always be best friends"