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Phil rubbed his eyes as he peered at his computer screen. Just a little longer, he thought, almost… "Got It!" He was in! Phil was a tall and striking young man with piercingly blue eyes. However, Phil wasn't that savory of a character, well, I guess that would be obvious if you knew he was hacking onto his 9th grade teacher's computer network for answers to Tuesday's Geography final. He was smart, just lazy. He could have probably gotten a B- in Prunilda Hornbeam's class without studying, but that wasn't good enough. He wasn't willing to study, it was somehow, to his perspective, less work to learn computer hacking in order to get A's. He had come home from school on the Hova-Bus, dumped his stuff in his room, and went straight to his Computer Suit". His suit enabled him to enter his virtual computer world. Just now, he was using it to illegally enter his teacher's computer.

He double-tapped the file marked 'Documents' and it opened a directory of folders. He scanned the list slowly and carefully. His eyes fell on a folder marked 'School'. BINGO!! He was about to tap it when he saw something marked 'TopSecret'. This intrigued him. He opened it. The file did something odd, instead of opening a new window it unfolded and showed indistinct and jumbled shapes. The shapes changed with no pattern what so ever. Now a misty ocean. Next trees, cities, ponds and more. These were no ordinary computer pictures, they were of things hardly imaginable. He leaned closer. There were flying creatures that eight legs, he watched them moving from cloud to cloud. And the clouds, they were shifting from Cumulus to Stratus to any form imaginable.

Phil leaned closer, trying to see beyond a mountain in the distance, and his face touched the document. He was sucked in and he felt himself being pulled apart atom by atom. As suddenly as it had started it reversed the process and he was put back together again. Whirling around, he saw a hole in the air behind him. He dived for it but it shrunk to nothing and vanished with a pop like a cork gun.

Bruised, but not injured, he looked at his surroundings. Directly in front of him was a white porcelain sink with a mirror over it, on the left, a table, on the right, a coat rack with a backpack on it, and behind him, a door.

He looked at his reflection in the mirror and saw a 15 year-old boy looking back at him. The only thing odd about his reflection were the eyes that for some unknown reason were a bright, distinct blue. For three centuries, everyone in the Ellingham family, had had light green eyes. When he had been born, in 3234, it had been a shock, for his family, to see such blue eyes. Beyond the eyes, he was nearly a photo negative of his father. The long face, brown hair, and long arms and legs were all inherited. His parents had named him Phillip William Ellingham. When he was younger his cousins had called him 'Phil Will Ell', sometimes they would add any other -ill words they could think of.

Phil came to himself, he was still staring at the mirror. Wake up, he thought, you haven't got a clue where you are or how to get out. He moved to the table. It was a small, gray folding table about three feet square. On it was a strange assortment of things: a fishing rod, climbing rope and gear, a wet suit, dehydrated food, and more. To the left of the heap of stuff was a letter. Phil was about to pick it up when a sound like a thousand pound weight falling to the ground, tore the silence of the room.

Showing a presence of mind, he grabbed the backpack and stuffed everything on the table into it. He was half-way to the door when he turned and hastily snatched up the letter. He barreled through the door and fell about four feet. The ground was a knee-deep sewage puddle, and he landed with a soft plop. Quickly, he rose from the muck and started running for the edge of the swamp. When he reached the end, he hoisted himself ashore. Another thunderous boom shook the earth as he started to run for the mountain, about ½ of a mile away.

Behind him, a huge creature emerged from the swamp. He slowed and turned to look at the beast that had materialized just behind him. It was none other than the king of the dinosaurs, the Tyrannosaurus Rex. A scream tore the air, Phil was surprised to find that it was his own. Whirling around he ran toward the mountains as quickly as he could. His yell had startled the T-Rex, but it was quickly getting over that. It started to chase Phil. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! It was closing the distance between them, soon it had halved the distance between them. The young man ran faster. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! Suddenly, out of the mist he could see a cave in the mountain! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! Phil could feel the hot, fetid, rank breath on the back of his neck. Only a few yards to go! He dived and felt jaws snap right behind him! He was in!

With a deafening crunch, the T-Rex's jaws became stuck in the opening of the cave. Obviously, he couldn't go that way. He turned toward the inside of the cave, and saw a faint glow coming from the walls. There must be some kind of phosphorescence in the walls, he thoughtThe gentle drip of water from stalactites falling onto stalagmites echoed in the cave. He jumped at a loud snap behind him. The T-Rex was alive! Shuddering, he took a deep breath, and started walking into the cave away from the six tons of malevolence.

Hours later, after what seemed like miles, Phil sat down to rest on a broken stalagmite. Rubbing his aching feet the memory of the trip through the cave flashed through his mind. Phil was not a good hiker. He was HORRIBLE!! He had tripped, at least twelve times, on stalagmites and cracked his head on the stalactites four of five times. Gradually he realized there was a roar coming from up the cave. It wasn't a roar made by a creature, it was somehow, different. Without realizing it he had gotten to his feet and started walking toward the noise. He reached a large, swift underground river. Sliding off the backpack, he dived in, glad to be rid of the smell of sewage and perspiration. As he was swimming back to the shore, he saw a small, orange, metal canoe bumping gently, against the far side of the river. Phil turned mid-stroke, and swam quick to the other side as quickly as it was possible.

The swiftly moving stream pulled him about 20 yards from the boat, before he managed to cross completely. Now he had to figure out a way to get in to the craft. Pulling with all his might, all Phil managed to do was hoist his upper body over the starboard side. Suddenly, with a splash to wake the dead, it flipped over and he was tossed into the turbulent waters near mid-stream.

Spluttering and coughing he managed to reach the other side of the river safely. Slowly and filled with dread he looked behind him. The canoe, his only chance to continue down the cave was swept away. He groaned inwardly as he looked at the small craft sail until it was too far to see.

He returned to his pack and sat down, ready to settle down for the night. Presently, he noticed a soggy lump in his pocket. Phil reached in and pulled out the letter that he had gotten from the small room in the swamp. Carefully he pulled apart all three papers and laid them separately to dry.

He busied himself for the next while finding what he had in his pack. First he pulled out a small, black, cell phone-shaped object. Although he tried everything to open it, it stayed as sealed as Area 51. Next he pulled out a dehydrated meal Glop that looks as if it were once food. The next meals had just as strange titles. Feeling sick to his stomach, he stopped going through the pack and tried to open the black thing again.

The letters dried just as Phil was about to throw the thing at the wall. Frustrated, he put it down and picked up the first letter. On it was the most flowery writing he had ever seen. The curls and loops almost made him dizzy. It read:


You have entered the world of Tageb, a virtual

land where anything is possible. If you need to leave

at any time within the virtual realm, simply follow the

instructions on page 4. I hope you enjoy your stay, all

the information you need is on pages 2-4. Have a

wonderful time in Tageb.


Prunilda Hornbeam

Phil gaped at the letter in his hands. Virtual world? Enjoy your stay? Yeah right! But he had more pressing matters than to worry about how absurd it was, she had said something about getting home. Okay, he thought, I have to just…what was it? "…follow the instructions on page four…"! "No, that's the one page I'm missing!!! Great, I'm stuck here now, He thought, I didn't even get the Geography Test answers.
Hey everybody, I hope you like this story, it popped into my head, almost perfectly and I am hopeing it came out, not as a deformed mad-man's rantings of 'I wish I was an author', but as an enjoyable book. To R. M. Whitaker I'd like to say that your book is awesome and I guess this one is no cabbage (inside joke). So enjoy!>