To My Friends

Fishstix, age 17


We've been friends for a very long time,

and I want to thank each and every one of you

for being my friend.

Don't walk away from your friends

that guided you through elementary,

middle, and high school.

Don't walk away from all those memories

we had shared in the past.

Stay. Please stay.

And thanks for being a friend!


Friends, if I leave you,

I might find some other friend,

who'll probably be mean to me,

or maybe hurt me.

It's safe to stay with you,

and together,

we will guide each other through life.

Real friends do that,

not some other friends.

Punks just care about their selves.

Well, if I become friends with a punk,

they're always going to be a punk

and never will change.

They probably will make me

do stuff that would get me in trouble.

"Please, don't go," you, my friends say.

Though you guys don't have to worry,

because I will never walk away

from a great friend.

Thank you for being a friend!