I have been bounced off concrete again;

And met with the feet of the giants.

I'm funny after poisoning, I admit-

But the Gemini lacks sympathy...

She told me my soul is blue and black-

It seems King Philosophy is long gone,

So long live the Irony.

The soul was scrapped off in the second skinning,

Which rectifies the sinning,

or my past selves.

I blew the smoke into the snow.

"Rain is so romantic when it's white..."

And the sky is so hopeful,

When it's the Gemini that makes it fall.


Jems in his eyes,

when he smiles at me.

We all have our personality splinters

(but this is ridiculus.)

I told him I love him (by the way)...

My heart is thawing,

But my back is broken.

I'm in love, but my heart beats backwards.

It'll be dead soon, broken in twin.

But until then, I adore him, and his shadow.

But I'm just waiting, until he lets him win...