You swim around in the sky

The angels falling by and by

Feathered wings tear and bleed

Silver blood is in their need

Clinging to stars, their fingers burn

The cold, blue fire has no concern

But don't worry, baby, I have you tight

Better hope you survive through the night.

I'll keep you save, just lean on me

The scream and cries will make you see

That love is what saves us all

That torture device waiting to stall.

So when you look

And ask me why

Your innocence I took

And blood drank dry

I'll look right back

And reply what's true

Because you're mine, baby,

Oh, yes, just you.

So don't ask questions

Don't look through

Just stay with me

I love you

I'll protect you, sweetie,

Oh, yes, I'll hold you tight

I'll protect you, sweetie

Survive the night.

By Lia (Unattainable Adrenaline)