Little Guardian Warrior

Story: A young warrior is chosen to guard a special girl whose name is Malaya. After meeting her his whole life has changed.

Issue 1: The chosen one

A young boy is sitting in some grass glancing at the sky. "Kato Uhara is the name and I guess you can call me your average young hunter." He gets up off the ground and walks towards a tree. "I'm part of this Hunter Agency. It's a cool place. Speaking of which I'm suppose to be meeting Ken about something important." Hours later he seen ken along with a girl. "Ken you wanted to see me?" Said Kato walking towards Ken. "I'm going to make this fast and quick. Kato this is Malaya you're going to be guarding her from now on. She is the daughter of a much respected man." Ken said quickly.

Kato looked at the girl. "You want me to guard her?" He said. Malaya walked towards him and rubbed on his face as she turned and looked at Ken. "He is going to be my body guard?" She said. "Yeah…" Ken said. "Don't you think he should be reading a book or watching a cartoon?" She said. Kato looked at her. "Do you think I want to be guarding you?" "Hey little man watch who your talking to." She said. "Hey don't tell me what to do." He said. "Ken I joined this agency to hunt people not guard!" He said with anger.

"Yes I know but I need someone to guard her. I couldn't do it." He said turning around and headed away from the two. "Have fun Kato." He said laughing. "You're cute." She said. Kato looked at her then slowly looked down at her large chest. "What's that" He said pointing towards her chest. "What you never seen something like this before?" She said. "No what is it?" He touched it and felt something soft as tissue. "You'll learn one day. So what do you do all day?" She said looking down at him. "Why is their something white hanging out from your shirt?" He said looking at her.

She laughed and turned her back to him while putting the tissue back into her shirt. Kato walked through her legs and seen her stuffing it back into her shirt. "What the hell?" She said as she kicked him in the head. He fell to the ground while rubbing his head. "You put tissue in your shirt?" he said. "It's there to help me. Don't you have someone to hunt or something?" She said trying to change the topic. "Nope." He said with a smile. "So how are you supposed to guard me?" She said. "By Fighting" He got up off the ground and started walking towards the sun.

"Fighting you say little man?" "Don't call me little man." He said with anger. "All right little man." The two began walking as the sun began to set.