Little G Warrior

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Issue # 13: Kato's Dream..The rematch

Setting: Somewhere in Kato's dream

Narrator: ...Last time on Little Guardian Warrior Malaya told Kato that she was going out to search for Jimmy but Kato didn't pay her no mind and stayed in his bed sleep. She ventured off into the woods and met Lil Jon. What kind of guardian would let the person who their guarding wonder off in the woods? Hope Kato wakes up before something bad happens.

Kato tossed and turned while on his bed. In his dream had challenged Sume for another fight. Sume stood there with his arms folded on his chest. "You not worth my time." Sume told Kato and turned his back towards Kato. Kato walked under his legs and attempted to punch him on his stomach but quickly did a round house kick with his left leg. Sume caught onto his attack and held his right hand out blocking Kato's left leg from hitting him. "You actually want to fight me again after what I did before." Sume told Kato as he kicked Kato to the ground.

Kato quickly picked himself up off the ground and looked at Sume's eyes. Then he quickly looked at Sume's right leg to notice it shaking alittle bit. He then looked back up and noticed Sume was gone. He turned around to get punched to the ground once again. "This is going to be fun." Sume said while laughing with his left arm still folded on his chest. He then brought his right arm back in place on his chest. Kato got up off the ground, with his lightning fast speed he ran behind Sume. Sume jumped backwards to be behind Kato. "How'd he notice me?" Kato asked himself that in his head. "You patheticly slow Kato." Sume told his are he unfolded his hands from off his chest.

"I seen your every movement since you got up off the ground, and I'm tired of playing games with you." Sume told Kato as he reached into his hair with his left arm. He brought out an X blade and put it to his mouth and licked it. "I know you remember these Kato." Sume said as he jumped into the air bringing his left arm back. Kato looked up at him and grabbed his stick from off his back. Sume slung his left arm towards Kato letting loose a deadly X blade. Kato looked at the blade and started to twurl his stick around in the air. Once the X blade got closer to him he hit it back at Sume. The blade rushed back at Sume three times as fast as he thrown it. Sume smirk and held his hand out.

The blade stopped and went into is hand. "Kato why do you think I licked the blade?" He asked him. "I donno I thought you liked licking on things." Kato told him and he jumped into the air. "Well only certain things." Sume told Kato with a smile. Kato swung his stick at Sume's face. Sume ducked under his stick and attempted to punch Kato. Kato brought his stick back and hitted Sume's fist at full force. "You know that hurted alittle." Sume told Kato returning to the ground. Kato dropped to the ground also. Sume turned his back on Kato and started to walk away. "You've had enough all ready Sume?" Kato said in a smart way. "You're done for Kato." Sume told him as he stopped and stood in the same spot.

"What are you talking about?" Kato asked Sume. Sume turned around and pointed behind Kato. "Oh no i'm not so dumb to fall for that." Kato told Sume as he felt a sharp pain enter his back. "Ahhhh!" Kato screamed out loud. "Well don't say I didn't warn you." Sume told Kato. "How'd you do that so quick?" Kato asked Sume. "...That's something you'll have to figure out." Sume told Kato as he smiled a big smile. "What are you smiling......." Before Kato could finish another blade rushed into his back. "AHHH!" Kato said as he woke up from his dream.

Kato quickly jumped out of bed and felt on his back. "It was just a dream." He then felt something wet sliding down his back. "Oh no!" Kato said as he touched it and brought it back to his face to notice it was only melted ice creame. He then licked his hand and looked around for Malaya. "Malaya!" He called. "Shoot I forgot she went looking for Jimmy." He put on a clean white shirt and rushed out the door.

Narrator: Well we all know Kato couldn't of won that fight but atleast he woke up. See you in the next chapter