A senior student at a girls boarding college name Jordan is devastated when her roommate Sally reluctantly breaks off their relationship to fit in with the other girls. Since then Jordan becomes so despondent with her life she no longer wants to live except her plans are unexpectedly put on hold by the arrival of a new teacher who challenges Jordan to face her emotional demons.

Jordan stands on the roof's ledge of the college's main building, she looks her audience over and locks eyes with Sally standing below.

"You now know my love is forever." So quotes and stretches both arms out sideways, then leans forward to fall when a hand clutches for her. Jordan now dangles over the ledge. There is screaming below

"HOLD ON" yells a voice above her.

Jordan starts to be pulled up and dragged back onto the roof. Jordan immediately looks at her saviour

"You had no right." Spat Jordan. "It was my choice…..you." Jordan started choking back tears.

"Look I don't know your reason but ending your life is not a price to pay for your problems." The voice trying to be comforting.

"You don't know shit of my problems you cow." Jordan heads back to the ledge.

The mystery woman blocks Jordan and puts her hand out to stop. "Whoa, wait up."

"Get outa my way." Screams Jordan, she tries to barge through but the woman was too quick and brings Jordan down onto her stomach, her hand bent up behind her back.

"You stupid, selfish little coward." The woman curses into Jordan's ear. "How dare you hold everyone's emotions to ransom."

Jordan still crying half from the pain of failure and the arm being twisted.

"You don't know anything…….." cries Jordan

The woman releases her hold on Jordan's arm but still kept a hand firmly on her back.

"Well then what is so bad that wants to make a young woman end her life?"

"You're hurting me, let me go." Pleads Jordan

"What and have you try that again, I don't think so."

"Please" whines Jordan

The woman removes all presence from Jordan and stands up. Jordan rolls over onto her back and looks up at the woman.

"Who are you?" she asks

"Someone you should thank for saving your life."

Jordan half sits up "I never asked for anyone to save me, I wanted to die."

"Why" asked the woman "What is so wrong to make you want to do this?"

Jordan dropped her eyes. "It doesn't matter."

"It must matter." pushed the woman

"Look just forget it alright." Jordan rose to her feet quickly facing off the woman.

"You fucking meddling teacher. Well aren't you just so good, you're a hero for saving a mentally unbalanced student from tarring the record of this great school." Yells Jordan

The woman sneers at Jordan "I'm not interested in this damn school you little shit. I just came up to ask if you could move 2 feet left so you wouldn't fall onto my brand new car."

Jordan surprised at her words went to open her mouth but instead the woman grabbed at Jordan and pulled her back to the ledge

"What…."stuttered Jordan "whata you doing."

"Finishing off what you wanted right, c'mon hurry up we will have company soon." The woman starts to give Jordan a shove, Jordan tries to fight back,

"stop, don't" Jordan yells

The woman continues to push Jordan, she was too strong. Jordan's feet hit the back of the ledge and she starts to tip back. Jordan desperately reaches and grabs at the woman's shirt.

"Help me….I" cried Jordan

"What, why should I….." Said the woman

"I don't want to die."

The woman grabs at Jordan and pulls her into her arms. Jordan grabs the woman back

"I want to live….it just hurts so much." Sobs Jordan.

The woman tightens her hold on Jordan trying to pacify her tremors "Then we will find a way for you to live."