Graduation day had finally arrived. Students were running through the corridors yelling and screaming and running a mock. Jordan was up in her room getting ready. Her and Sally had not spoken a word to each other since the fight. Jordan was becoming increasingly frustrated with her unsuccessful attempts at folding up her sleeves. Sally watched her struggled then spoke.

"Jordan turn around." She asked

Jordan ignored and rolled her sleeves down again.

"Jordan…..please turn around." Asks Sally in a small voice.

Jordan closed her eyes she couldn't take anymore of Sally's taunts and turned around slowly

Sally grabbed her arm and started to fold up one sleeve then the other to match. Jordan was a little stunned

"Ummm thankyou." Said Jordan

"Jordan you look so……grown up." Comments Sally. "I'm sorry Jordan I was out of line, I'm sorry I ruined your birthday, and I didn't mean it…..that I hate you." Sally lowers her eyes in shame

"I know and I'm sorry too."

"Kelsie is a very lucky woman I hope she knows that." Said Sally

Jordan shrugs and blushes at Sally's compliment

Sally gives Jordan a peck on the cheek. "I am happy for you."

"Thank you Sally that means a lot. Come on we will be late." They leave their room for the last time.

All three girls were waiting on the graduation stage outside. Jordan looks around anxiously for Kelsie but couldn't see her.

"She will be here." Said Sally

They take their seats and Jordan notices a vacant seat a few rows back in the crowd and puts her head down. Sally squeezes her hand for support.

After an hour of presentations Tania begins to wrap it up.

"Well we have one final award that goes to the student who has received the highest results in all her classes. But first a little about this student. She started out on the wrong foot, she challenged her teachers and peers and learnt some hard lessons along the way but I feel she has come out a better person for it. It gives me great pleasure to call up, Jordan Lange."

Jordan was miles away feeling let down by Kelsie n didn't hear her name. Sally elbowed her in the ribs

"Jordan it's you." Said Mary on the other side of her.

Jordan gets up a little stunned from all the cheering from in front and behind. Tania gives her a hug and kiss "I knew you'd do it congratulations my dear."

Jordan stands up to the microphone and looks down at the place that was still vacant. She clears her throat.

"Umm firstly I would like to thank Mrs Jaeger because if it wasn't for her endless second chances I would have been booted from this college the first minute I walked in."

Tania acknowledges her sentiment

"I'd also like to thank my 2 closest friends." Jordan looks over her shoulder at Sally and Mary. "For their support, love and numerous of pillow fights helped me get through this year. I love you guys."

All the students clap and yelled at Jordan's acknowledgements

"But last by no means least I would like to thank someone who is very special to me. It's unfortunate she couldn't be here today but she showed faith in me when others had given up. If it wasn't for her guidance, advice and eventually her love I would not be graduating today, in fact I owe literally my life to her. She promised me that she would find a way for me to live without pain, you did thanks." Jordan starts to choke back tears and steps away and back to her seat.

Everybody cheers and Tania finishes off with "I give you class of 2004"

Students cleared from Jordan once they had congratulated her. Mary could see Jordan was upset and puts a hand on her shoulder "I'm sure there was a good reason."

"Yeh I'd like to hear that….." she growled

"Would you now." Came the familiar voice behind Jordan

Jordan spins around, anger in her eyes. "WELL" she hisses waiting for an explanation from Kelsie.

"Well… about I was here all along." Kelsie folded her arms and stared back at Jordan.

"Bull I didn't see you, don't lie." Jordan raises her voice

"Ok lets have a recap shall we, you got the College's most prestigious award for being the top student, you thanked Tania, your two friends here and I got a mention about if it wasn't for yours truly you'd wouldn't be graduating. Now ain't that the truth." She gloated.

Jordan punched her in the arm hard.

"Ooooouch" Kelsie rubbing her arm

"But you didn't sit with everyone else. I thought you'd forgotten me."

Kelsie shuffled uncomfortably at the thought she'd spoilt Jordan's big day.

"I was afraid that my presence could jeopardize your graduation, I didn't want to risk it. And now since you have graduated there is no problem in doing this."

Kelsie slips an arm around Jordan's waist drawing her in, puts a hand to Jordan's face closes in and kisses her deeply, ignoring anything going on around them.

Mary giggled at the scene and Sally rolled her eyes and looked away embarrassed at the length of time they were taking.

"Tania…Tania..will you do something about that." Called Jane and pointing in Jordan and Kelsie's direction

Tania lets out a sigh of annoyance.

"What do you want me to do Jane. Jordan is no longer a student, Kelsie is no longer an employee, and they are both legal and consenting adults."

Jane tried to interrupt "Yes but this."

"But nothing." She put a firm hand on Jane's shoulder "My dear it's time you got a life and leave other people to live their own."

The kissing pair eventually came up for air.

"Well ok I accept your apology this time." Warns Jordan

"It wasn't an apology, it was hello, the apology comes later." And winks at her.

There starry eyed glares were interrupted

"So Ms Morton what you got planned." Asked Mary

Kelsie faces off Mary and Sally

"Do you remember that time when we first met that my friends call me Kelsie and you were to call me Ms Morton." Said Kelsie back in her teacher tone.

"Ahh yeh." Said Mary unsure were she stood

"Well then please call me Kelsie." And gives them both a hug.

Jordan gives her bags to Kelsie and turns to Mary.

"Thank you brave Mary for sticking by me and not running away, you were always my strength."

"That's ok" and hugs Jordan.

Mary is taken by surprise when Jordan kisses her on the lips, lightly. Mary looked at Jordan unable to speak.

"And that's the answer to all those nights you were awake wondering what it was like when Sally and I." But didn't finish her explanation because Mary got the idea.

"Thank you."

Jordan and Kelsie headed outside when Jordan spots Sally in the gazebo.

"Umm I'll catch you up have some unfinished business." And nods to the gazebo.

"take your time."

Jordan leans over "boo.... can I sit." She asks

"Sure Jordan look I." Started Sally nervously but Jordan put a finger up to Sally's lips quietening her.

"Things don't always work out the way we plan, but they do work out, that's the journey of life I have learnt. I will always love you, I will always look back and say my best years of college I spent with someone I loved and you don't forget your first time Sally, we have a bond." Jordan holds Sally's hands "I will always love you, but I am in love with Kelsie. I do want you to remember just between you and me I was glad my first time was with you, I wouldn't trade that for anything." Jordan leans in and kisses Sally's forehead.

Sally wipes her tears "thank you Jordan I will never forget you….you should go I love you, I always will." Jordan nods and walks off

Jordan happy at being able to close off all the chapters to her college life walked to the car park and sees Kelsie leaning up against a black coupe. Jordan groaned "shit she still has Her car."

She walks up to Kelsie who kisses her. "Sally ok."

"yeh she will be. So what's with your EX girlfriend's car." Jordan stresses the EX .

Kelsie notices and chuckles. "This is not Aimee's car, this is my baby." And caresses the roof.

"Yeh right" Jordan realizes Kelsie wasn't joking "….really….that's way cool so can I drive."

"No way, only I drive her." Gloats Kelsie childishly

Jordan walks around and notices the number plate.

"Filthy……what does that suppose to mean…'re a dirty girl." And cocks her head to the side waiting for smart come back. But Kelsie turned the conversation around to being serious.

"Jordan before we go I kinda have a confession."

Jordan groaned "what now."

"I'm….I'm not exactly a teacher." Started Kelsie

"What….I don't understand." Jordan's stomach was starting to churn at where this could be heading.

For Kelsie the word fraud immediately comes to mind and shakes her head of it.

"I'm a student counsellor, I help students with behavioural problems. Tania called me as a favour to help you from spiralling into self destruction."

Jordan's head was spinning with the sudden new information, her world was crashing and she wanted to be sick.

"So this is all part of the therapy I suppose." She gets angry

"No no no I under estimated my feelings for you and consequently broke my one and only rule, I fell in love with one of my students. It wasn't supposed to happen, I was supposed to help you deal with your anger, your pain with Sally and I ended up falling for you instead. I wanted to tell you that night we… know but I was afraid, I'm still afraid that you won't accept me." Kelsie gasped for air from the long explanation. All she could do was look at Jordan, but was not able to read Jordan's reaction.

Jordan walked casually back around the car and looked Kelsie in the eye. Kelsie trying hard to maintain eye contact but for the first time she felt intimated by Jordan.

"If you love me that much." She holds her hand out to Kelsie "You will let me drive."

Kelsie confused at Jordan's reply but all fears were eased with her smile.

"So you ok with it." Asked Kelsie still a bit nervous at the ease Jordan was taking this

Jordan leaned in and kissed Kelsie, allowing her tongue to just glide along Kelsie's lips ever so lightly. Kelsie giving in wanted more reassurance from the kiss, Jordan allowed Kelsie to return the kiss while she reached into Kelsie's pocket and took out the keys.

"thankyou." Jordan gloated

Kelsie groaned "be gentle with her, I'm still breaking her in."

Jordan laughs "Yeh I know how she feels."

They get in and Jordan starts the engine. It roars instantly to life, then settles to a low purr as it idled.

Jane furious at Tania's comments storms into her classroom and froze. She slowly walked to her desk and looked up to the ceiling then back down again.

"Damn you Kelsie."

Jane marches out towards the black cat with its occupants still talking. Jordan sees her in the side mirror

"Uhh oh." Jordan pulls it into drive and floors the accelerator pedal and speeds out of the college grounds.

"hey slow down." Calls Kelsie "What's wrong."

Jordan's laughs and pulls over to the side of the road and turns the car off.

"Jordan what have you done." Asked a nervous Kelsie

"You don't think I could have left college without playing one more joke on dear old Jane."

"Oh no what did you do." Groans Kelsie.

"I grabbed all her text books, super glued every single one together, starting from her desk one after the other until it made a column up to the ceiling." Jordan laughing hard

"Oh shit she's gonna kill you." Kelsie shakes her head at her young prankster. "I'm sorry I ever told you now."

"Na she won't be bothering me." Jordan said sure of herself.

"Oh and why."

"Well she thinks you did it cos I wrote a note "with love Kelsie."

"You bitch. I can't believe you did that." And tries to tickle her, but Jordan fends her off.

"So cmon what does Filthy stand for." Asked Jordan

"Keys." Asked Kelsie

"Oh cmon."

"Keys." Kelsie asks again

"Ok fine." Sulks Jordan and they swap seats.

"Well I'm waiting." Asked Jordan

"Rich" states Kelsie

"Rich what."

"It stands for Filthy Rich." Kelsie waiting for it to sink in but Jordan still hadn't join the dots.

"Why would someone want to ……..WHAT you're what." It finally sinks "You really are that." Jordan's eyes widen "You're jokin me….."

Kelsie laughs at Jordan trying to comprehend. "Do you like sailing?"

"Never been, why."

"I have a yacht I'd like to take out from time to time, must make sure my captain's available."

"You have a captain to drive your boat."

"Yacht" corrects Kelsie "Jeez I better arrange you a passport as well." Mumbles Kelsie

"Are we going somewhere?" asked Jordan excited

"Well there's a little matter of celebrating your 18th. Which McDonald's do you want to go to, France, Greece, umm Switzerland is nice this time of year. Best get my pilot ready."

"YOU HAVE YOUR OWN PILOT" screams Jordan.

Kelsie puts her hands over her ears. "No I was joking about that."

All Jordan could do was shake her head and look at Kelsie in disbelief. Kelsie totally amused by Jordan reaction leans in and steals a quick kiss.

"Well we should be going the staff at home are dying to meet you."

"You have staff too. Don't tell me you live in a mansion, Kelsie?"

"Mmmmm something like that." Kelsie leans in and kisses Jordan longer then sits back.

"Come on we have some unfinished business of our own." And winks at her young lover.

Kelsie slams the car into drive and flies off down the road to their new life.