My Locket
by: trista groulx

I wore it just to please, you at first
Then I wore it made me remember
It reminded me you loved me
When something went wrong
I always reached for it
Playing with it on its chain
To remind me that someone loved me
That someone was you
But now I don't even have it
Till you can try and love me again
I simply cannot wear it
It cannot be a comfort to me now
It reminds me this stop is for real
When I reach for it now I remember
Then I start to feel sad again
But it would be so much worse
If I reached for it for strength
If reached as a reminder
Of a love that may be gone
It sat upon my neck for over a year
Never really coming off
It showed everyone we loved each other
And now without it, my neck feels bare
But I cannot wear it right now
And I cannot bear to see it
If had kept it I'd have thrown it away
So keep it for a little while
I hope you feel its power
And find it in your heart to return it
As our second chance at this
Once you get what you need