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The darkness wasn't something that you hid from the rest of the world, harboring it until it was ready to show. It was something that was always there, living breathing, something that couldn't be touched, and yet could be felt. Something that one cannot visualize, but instead see. This darkness wasn't the same one he had known, no, not this one. This one was more desolate than the rest, almost as if held a deeper purpose to rip the life from those it touched, and because of this, he loathed it.

When he stepped into the dimly lite cage only the echoes of his own feet were heard. Why hadn't he heard his master's like he was supposed to? Jarion turned around eyes searching the malevolent darkness for a dark figure other than his own. He swallowed hard, the fear that lurked in him kept him from speaking out as if a small warning that he were not to. Just as the bird opened his mouth as if to attempt to, a bright light shown from under the cage. Jarion covered his eyes until they had adjusted and searched for the source from whence it came.

"Master...!" He whispered joylessly grabbing the bars of the cage. "Master Inaba, Is this my new room? The one you promised me?" Jarion's voiced sounded throughout the large room that his cage was apparently in. He waited, but when no reply came to him he asked again.
"Lord Inaba...Is thi-"

Slowly the light began to fade and Jarion cut himself off, eyes widening as his Master walked toward the dungeon door. "Lord Inaba!" he yelled once more, still having his rather excited tone in tune. "Lord Inaba..." his voice quieted slightly as he began to raise an eyebrow somewhat confused on what was to happen.

Lord Inaba walked out the door and stood, surrounded by guards of royal stature. He glanced once up at Jarion, making him flutter his wings happily almost expecting for his master to call for him. But when he didn't and closed the door letting the darkness settle again Jarion's excitement faded.

"Lord Inaba?" he asked eyes dilated from the dark. "L-Lord Inaba?"

After several moments of utter silence he shook the cage lightly. "Master Inaba??" His lips began to quiver as the sound of a lock being turned ricocheted off the walls of the dungeon bouncing off the metal cage. "KING INABA!" Jarion yelled out shaking the cage "please! Don't leave me here! MASTER!" he spread his wings as realization settled upon him.

Flapping his wings vigorously Jarion flew into the air and began to search the room for any source of light. "MASTER INABA! PLEASE! DON'T LEAVE ME IN THE DARK!" Jarion threw himself into serval of the walls and bars of the cage that hung high in the air. His screams coming back to him over and over again.

He slammed his fists into the bar's forcefully. Knowing they wouldn't move he tried again, and again, until his knuckles began to bleed. "Master Inaba! Please!".
Standing—and turning to his left—He flew into the air again, and this time slammed his whole small frame against the heavy metal bars. "LORD INABA PLEASE DON'T LEAVE ME HERE! PLEASE!..." He let his wings go limp as he fell to the ground hitting the bottom of the cage with a thud.

"W-why would you put me here Master Inaba? What have I done wrong?" he asked grabbing hold of the bars again. "WHAT HAVE I DON'T WRONG?!" he screamed tears that rimmed his eyes threatening to fall. He shook the cage once again as they started down his face, hitting the metal like rain drops, giving off a soft tap for each one. "Lord Inaba.." he sobbed. "Why have you condemned me to this darkness...?" he scratched at the bar's.

When a small source of light lite itself again, Jarion's head shot up and looked about. In the door way Inaba stood once more this time he held something, something packaged. Jarion jumped up and wiped away his tears quickly. "Lord Inaba! I knew you-"

"This is for you. If you ever get out of there...Bird." He placed the package on the ground—cutting Jarion off—he began to walk to the door again. Jarion watched as the door started to be closed again. "No wait!" he screamed out to his master once more. The narrow slice of light growing smaller still as it passed over his face. "MASTER NO-"

Inaba then closed the door onto the tortured screams of Jarion, who pleaded for help still, locking as he went. He handed the key to one of his men as he continued walking, then coming to a stop. "Please...Make sure no one finds this key. Make sure no one, finds this Door..."

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