To you:

Happiness is a word that should be so simple to explain, right?

It isn't as easy as you might think; actually it's more of a shot in the dark.

All can say is that when your eyes look into mine and we share a kiss,

My heart jumps up to my throat and I become enchanted all over again.

This may sound kind of juvenile and I know it's pathetic really,

Happiness is when our eyes meet from a distance; and I blush with unspoken thoughts.

Sadness is the simplest to speak about, write about, and describe with the most emotion.

I know, I've felt my fair share of apprehension, torment, and defeat.

I'm not as friendly and as personable as you would like to think; I tend to be withdrawn and aloof.

People have spoken awful things about me and torn my self-respect to shreds.

I used to think that I just annoyed you and that you didn't care for me.

I guess I was mistaken, for you proved me wrong and held my hand in yours.

Anger is like a darkness that is hard to escape.

It clouds the mind and hearts alike so that the anger may blind you.

Tears may fall and hopes may disappear; you always know when you've crossed that line,

But it seems that throughout all the darkness, pain and anger you will always shine.

You chase the dark away with each and every smile that crosses your lips.

You make my hopes, and dreams seem well within my reach.

Nervousness; man, can I tell you about this one with complete accuracy.

Nervousness is when your hand catches mine; my mind races and I smile.

You've probably never gotten so nervous around me or of holding my hand,

But I must inform you of how I feel inside; I mustn't hide it anymore with masks.

You make me feel like a love-struck fool so much of the time.

Love is a four letter word as so very many others are,

But this one is the one that signifies and displays you to me.

I'm in love with every eccentric, goofy thing you do or even say.

I'm in love with your voice, your eyes, and of course everything that makes you... YOU.

You make me nervously blush, smile, and very happy with everything you do.

My friend, my companion, I fear I have fallen in love with you...

Love: Me