A/N: There'll be a URL to a map of Galiea here at some stage, though sadly, I've not drawn it properly yet, and I'll be unable to until I've made enough money to move on from paying off debts and fines to actually buying things, eg: a sketchbook in which to draw the proper copy of the map.

Also you might note that this is the fifth and least disastrous version of the prologue. Tell me if it sucks or not. Suggestions muchly appreciated.


The Linviochetan Empire was founded shortly after the building of the Gate, which serves as a magical passage between the worlds of Galiea and Ruas. Linviocheta, which spreads itself across most of the northern continent of Galiea, began as an empire that carried the ideal of peace and prosperity for all Galiea and these ideals only grew stronger as time passed. Most of its lands were not taken by force, but absorbed by mutually beneficial treaty, and the Emperor's rule is balanced against a large council comprised of men and women of good standing from all over the continent.

After nearly 1200 years of relative calm, however, Linviochetan order began to decline. Rebellions sprang up along the borders of the Empire, and the policing armies found themselves spread rather thinly. The Linviochetan Council grew ineffective and the Emperor's decisions were looked upon by an increasing number of the populace as self-serving and tyrannical.

In the year 1165 Aea Suul (After joining – dating from the completion of the Gate) the Imperial family itself began to suffer the effects of encroaching anarchy. By 1173 AS, four of the Emperor's clan had been executed for treason. And though unrest had not spread to Ruas, other nations of Galiea were feeling the strain.

Still and all, most facets of life on Galiea progressed as usual.