I had a title planned for something else that I decided not to write. An interesting title, what to do? This is sort of a prequel to another story that I only have an outline written for so far (Something that happens more often than I wish to admit). This story captured my attention and needed to be written and the title fit, so here it is. (This is revised at bit. I hope this makes it easier to read)

Wild Blood

Chapter 1 A Full Moon

And so it started, my life after death and perhaps the future of our people. A mistake, stupid youngsters gathered for mischief. And here I was just happening to be in the wrong place at the right time. It was a mixed group of children from several clans...

Damn! I thought as I peered under the hood of the car. Piece of junk! I kicked the tire and walked back to the driver's seat. Leaning over the seat, I freed my bag and locked the car. Looking up at the full moon, I frowned. This wasn't my idea of the perfect Friday night.

At least the moon is full and I can see where I'm going. I swung the strap over my shoulder and started walking, I remembered seeing a small town about five miles back.

I had been walking for nearly an hour when I saw the shadows flickering at the edge of my vision. Turning I would see nothing, but it kept happening. Finally I tired of the games. I stopped and called out "Who's there?"

Laughter wafted to me on the wind and I frowned. That's it this had to stop now.

"I'm not moving, face me directly you little cowards" I challenged. Great, I thought as I saw the shadows form into a group of ten men and women. They began to close in on me and the instincts that had kept me alive in the past came to life. Too late I thought as I held my ground and waited.

"Cowards?" the man's questioning voice drifted to me.

"Yeah, hiding in shadows, ganging up on a lone man. Sounds like cowardly behavior to me" I said sarcastically. Sometimes I didn't know when to just shut up.

They were close enough now for me to see their eyes gleaming in the moonlight. Oh shit, I thought as I saw the anger in several sets of eyes. There was something unnatural about the way they held themselves, but I watched carefully and when the man made his move I was ready.

He rushed. A clumsy move, but so fast he almost got me. I stepped aside and tripped him. There was Silence as he picked himself off the ground, then a giggle from one of the women. "Good move Hart, is this the move you were bragging about earlier?"

Then other chuckles joined in, I watched carefully as he turned and looked me in the eyes. Something, some instinct made me look slightly to the side and when he came again, I was ready. He hit the dirt again as I flipped him over my shoulder.

This time there were no chuckles and I felt the weight of ten stares before a voice whispered from the back "That's not possible, he's human."

I kept quiet, I wasn't going to give them any information about me and this was a fight for my life. That certainty filled me. I was playing for keeps now.

This time two of them came to me and I danced out of the way, smacking one with my heavy bag before dropping it. He landed face first into the dirt and the second man struck a glancing blow to my side. Blocking the pain, I grabbed his neck and twisted. The dry snap of his neck breaking was loud in the sudden silence. I backed away from the body.

"Damn!" the voice from the back remarked. I smiled slightly, I agreed with the sentiment.

This time a woman walked up and the man who had fallen got up and spit blood from his mouth before stalking in my direction. They glided in swift and silent and again I danced out of the way. At least they were giving me a breather in between attacks. The woman's long nails caught my wrist before I broke her arm.

As blood dripped from my arm, I raised it to my mouth to stop the bleeding.

"You'd think he was one of us" a voice called from the back.

My eyes narrowed, what did that mean? The woman who's arm I broke raised her hand to her mouth and licked my blood from her nails before pulling her arm straight.

"No, definitely human. Good too" she said licking her lips.

A couple of the others grinned at this and she stepped back waiting as two more men stepped up. Before they could attack I had ripped the bottom of my shirt and wrapped my arm. The white slowly darkened to red.

The first man sniffed the air and grinned. They separated and came from different sides, but I was ready for this as well. I had slipped a knife out and sliced the side if the first man, his blood ran over my hand, the second backed up and tripped over the man I had killed. Chills ran down my spine as the dead man groaned.

Then I backed up. I licked the blood off my hand. Two could play at this, I thought.

"Stop him!" a woman's voice cried out from the back of the group. My eyes narrowed, so they didn't like that, I continued to slowly clean my hand.

"How do you propose to do that? Besides it doesn't matter, it's not enough to affect him" a man's voice drawled. I froze, affect me? Suddenly I wondered if the man had Aids or something.

This time I was slower getting out of the way. I think they were wrong, the blood had done something to me. I felt strange, a shock of pain ran through my arm as one man knocked the knife from my hand. I backed up, shaking my hand. Not broken, I thought.

"Stop playing with your food, just finish it" another mans voice called out from the shadows. The ten I had been dealing with froze and a voice muttered "Damn." Yeah right I thought, then I remembered what he had said, food? What the hell did he mean? Then all of them rushed me, too many to dodge and I went down under a pile of bodies. They bit and I bit back, I wasn't going down without a fight, it was my last thought.